Whales show in Ilhabela


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Baleias dao show em Ilhabela

Whales show in Ilhabela

Ilhabela is a paradise and this is nothing new for anyone, even those who still don't know know that this is one of the most famous and favorite islands in Brazil, it's not for less, the marine archipelago municipality - unique in Brazil - formed by 14 islands and islets and with 84% of area with Atlantic Forest presents us with all the reasons to be titled as one of the most beautiful and exciting regions in Brazil, isn't it? Now, did you know that Ilhabela is also part of the whale route? Well, recently some of them were seen around here and gave a show in the sea in our region. 

Whales in Ilhabela

The passage of whales through Ilhabela is common, so much so that, on the island, there is the Baleia à Vista Project, which aims to monitor whales and dolphins in the region. On April 23, researchers from Viva Instituto Verde Azul spotted a humpback whale in the sea off Ilhabela, it was spotted at Praia de Borrifos, on the south coast of the island. 

On April 9, another humpback whale was spotted by researchers, it was approximately nine meters long.

Researchers in the region believe that whales appeared more frequently during autumn and winter. Humpback whales live in the southern part of the ocean and they tend to migrate to warmer waters during the winter. Their destination is Abrolhos, in Bahia, where they breed.

In addition to humpback whales, in Ilhabela, Tropical or Bryde, Orca and Franca species have already been seen. 

It is also common to see 6 species of dolphins here, they are: Bottlenose Dolphin, Rough-toothed Dolphin, Atlantic Painted Dolphin, Common Dolphin, Gray Dolphin and Porpoise. 

Tell us, have you ever had the opportunity to see one of these wonders here in Ilhabela?

As said before, it is in winter that the chances of seeing, at least the humpback, become easier, and if it is your dream to see the fins of these gems of the sea, already organize yourself to come during this time. 

count on the Velinn Chain of Hotels and Inns for your accommodation and good luck!

We will love to welcome you here to, together, enjoy the wonders of nature!!


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