3 Tips about diving in Ilhabela


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3 tips on diving in ilhabela

3 Tips about diving in Ilhabela

If you are planning a trip to Ilhabela and want to venture out into the sea, check with Velinn 3 tips on diving in Ilhabela and live an incredible experience.

Ilhabela is a perfect destination for those who want to explore the wonders and mysteries of the seabed. Shipwrecks and a lot of marine life await you for an amazing experience. Did you get excited? Then check out our tips. 

1 - Breathing

Perhaps this is one of the main doubts and agonies of those who are going to dive into the sea for the first time. Don't hold your breath, as this will make you use more oxygen. The ideal is to breathe slowly and deeply through the diaphragm. Fill your lungs completely, and exhale slowly. Stop for a moment and hold your breath with your chest muscles before inhaling and exhaling, this way more gas enters your lungs, conserving oxygen. Move slowly and carefully so you reduce effort and limit your oxygen use.

2 – Clean your diving mask along the way

Among the main skills that a diver must have is the ability to clean his own mask while diving. You will need to know how to clean them when a little water gets inside them; you will also need to know how to leave a little water inside it when it gets cloudy, cleaning it; and to top it off, you should know how to keep your mouth hydrated. It is common for the mouth to become dry while diving, and the diver will need to remove the regulator, allow some water to enter the mouth, spit it out, and finally put the regulator back in. 

3 – Best place for beginners to practice diving in Ilhabela

The best place to start diving in Ilhabela and on Goat Island. It is located at the beginning of the south side of Ilhabela, separated by 200 meters and 12 meters deep from Praia das Pedras Miúdas.

It is there that the Underwater Ecological Sanctuary is located, protected by the underwater hunting and fishing law since 1992. In the waters surrounding Ilha das Cabras it is possible to find several species of ornamental fish, as well as turtles, starfish and horses marine. Why is it the favorite of divers?! 

Several schools carry out diving with beginners in Ilhabela, among them is Oceano Sub Underwater Activities. See more about the school on here.

Accommodation in Ilhabela

For your stay in Ilhabela, check out the options offered by Velinn Rede de Hotéis e Pousadas in Ilhabela. There are several options spread across the island, all very comfortable, with excellent infrastructure and service. We are sure that when you visit our site you will find the ideal option for your trip to Ilhabela. 

Then tell us about the dive, we'd love to hear how you did on this enchanting adventure.


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