The best trails in Ilhabela


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The best trails in Ilhabela

The best trails in Ilhabela

Ilhabela is a charming destination, full of nature, beaches, waterfalls, Atlantic Forest and, of course, trails. Some of Ilhabela beaches and waterfalls they do not have road access, being possible to reach only through trails, and we know that this is a great gift for adventure lovers. Are you on this team? So keep reading and find out the best trails in Ilhabela.

White Water Trail



With a low difficulty level, this trail is at the beginning of the Castilians, it is easily accessible and very well demarcated. It starts at the guardhouse on the outskirts of Ilhabela State Park. From there, three paths lead to several waterfalls with crystal clear waters, with pools and showers, as well as a picnic area.

On this trail you will take a 2h30 walk, covering 4 km, round trip.

Pancada d?Água Waterfall Trail 



This is the path that leads to Três Tombos Waterfall, one of the most famous in Ilhabela. It is a short trail, easily accessible, and its beginning is located close to Praia da Feiticeira, on the south side of the island. 

On this trail you will walk for 1 hour, covering only 720 meters, round trip. 

Cat Waterfall Trail



This trail starts at Ponta do Gato, in Castelhanos Beach. Its route passes through the interior of the Atlantic Forest, crossing the Ribeirão do Gato by a suspension bridge until reaching the cat waterfall. It is the highest waterfall in the Park, at 40 meters high, so the trail is worth it. 

With a medium difficulty level, you will take a 1h30 walk, covering 4 km, round trip.

Bonete Trail



Finally, the Bonete Trail. This trail is for the more adventurous, especially for those who are used to hiking in the woods. 

This trail borders the south side of the Beautiful island and crosses one of the most preserved areas and rich in biodiversity, providing a beautiful setting for your adventure. THE Bonete trail passes through three waterfalls: Da Laje, with refreshing natural pools for bathing, Areado and Saquinho. At the end, the trail offers a beautiful view of Bonete beach, where a very traditional caiçara community lives. 

Thus, this trail has a high difficulty level. You will walk for about 10 hours, covering 24 km, round trip.

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