Castelhanos Beach in Ilhabela: a true paradise


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Castelhanos Beach in Ilhabela is a true paradise

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Castelhanos Beach in Ilhabela

Castelhanos Beach is one of the most beautiful places in Ilhabela.

The beach is the starting point for several trails that lead to incredible viewpoints and landscapes, making it the perfect trip for adventurers and nature lovers. 

THE Castelhanos Beach in Ilhabela It is almost 2 km long, has golden sand and a sea of crystal clear waters, perfect for surfing, as the sea is rough. 

We suggest that you go up to the viewpoint, located in the right corner of the beach, only then will you have the opportunity to see the heart that so many talk about, have you heard?

From Praia de Castelhanos you can take trails that lead to Praia Mansa, Praia Vermelha and Praia da Figueira, as well as Cachoeira do Gato, which is 80 meters high. 

The best way to get to Praia de Castelhanos is with a buggy ride, as the journey there is along a dense dirt road. Despite the difficulty, the beach has a great tourist structure, with kiosks and bars guaranteeing meals.

For those who go alone, without the help of buggy drivers, it is important to note that the Ilhabela State Park is open from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 5pm, so it is only permitted to drive towards the beach between 7am and 2pm, the return must be from 3pm to 5pm, with a maximum ticket limit at the park gate at 6pm. Another important information is that only 4×4 cars are allowed.

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Accommodation in Ilhabela

When you are visiting Ilhabela, be sure to stay in one of the hotels and inns in Ilhabela. Velinn Network. There are several options for you to rest, all very comfortable, with a leisure area, quality service and a delicious breakfast. 

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