Praia do Gato in Ilhabela: hidden and full of charm


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Praia do Gato in Ilhabela: hidden and full of charm

Gato Beach in Ilhabela

As we already mentioned, the Gato Beach in Ilhabela It is less explored than Cachoeira do Gato. But that doesn't mean it doesn't deserve to be visited, on the contrary, the deserted and hidden beach is uniquely beautiful, full of charm, and should be included in your itinerary. 

Praia do Gato is next to the famous Praia de Castelhanos, but access to it must be done via a trail, on foot, lasting approximately 20 minutes. The starting point for the trail is in Canto do Ribeirão, also known as Canto do Gato. In this region there are large submerged rocks, so it is impossible to disembark or swim to the beach. Don't risk it.

We can say that at Praia do Gato you will see a real labyrinth of rocks, and at high tide and undertow it is impossible to walk there, as the waves hit with great force between the rocks. On calm sea days it is different, making it possible to observe and appreciate this geography full of dangers and great beauty.

Climbing Pedra do Gato is another attraction on this beach, with a large part covered by the sea.

Take advantage of your visit to Praia do Gato to discover Mirante do Gato. From the top of a huge rock at the viewpoint you will have a complete view of the Castelhanos Bay and Cachoeira do Gato, one of the most beautiful in Ilhabela.

Accommodation in Ilhabela

To make the most of your trip to Ilhabela and discover the best spots, count on excellent accommodation in Ilhabela, with the comfort and excellent service of hotels and inns from the Velinn Network. There are several options spread across the island, with lots of comfort, leisure and various advantages for you to make the most of your days in the region. 

Check out all the units and details on site, put together the perfect travel itinerary to explore Ilhabela with the tips shared in our blog, and come here now! You will fall in love with the destination.


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