Discover Cataguases Island in Angra dos Reis


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Discover Cataguases Island in Angra dos Reis

Discover Cataguases Island in Angra dos Reis

Angra dos Reis is a true paradise, the municipality consists of 365 islands and a small port surrounded by a steep and wooded coastline. The region is known for its numerous beaches and the biodiversity of Ilha Grande, the largest island. It is in Angra dos Reis that the Velinn Costa Verde Reserve, and the closest island you can explore is Ilha de Cataguases. Shall we know more about her?

Cataguases Island in Angra dos Reis

also called Cataguas Island, it is one of the islands that is closest to the mainland, making the boat trip very easy. THE Cataguases Island It is small and has white sand, surrounded by a clear sea with shades ranging from blue to green.

The island is perfect to relax, enjoy the beach and take a good bath in the sea, since the sea has almost no waves. 

One side of the island receives speedboats and boats, and a short walk will take you to the beach on the other side of the island, which is reserved for bathers.

In front of the beach is the Ilha do Peregrino and the stretch of sea between the two islands has very calm waters and is very shallow. Many people go snorkelling there and the bravest and most experienced go scuba diving.

THE Cataguases Island it is very small and, despite the vegetation, it can be covered in less than 20 minutes. As a precaution, it is not good to swim around it, as the speedboats are always coming and going and the risk of an accident can be high. 

There are no tents or beach services on this island, so bring your thermal backpack with snacks and drinks and don't forget to take your trash too! 

Accommodation in Angra dos Reis

For your accommodation in Angra dos Reis count on Velinn Costa Verde Reserve, still installed on the continent, between the Atlantic Forest and the sea of Angra dos Reis, is this where you will sleep? admiring the moon on a starry night and wake up? with the singing of birds. 

Swimming pool with cinematic view, hot tub, dry and wet saunas, intimate environments, solarium, well-decorated rooms and terraces, gourmet kitchen with barbecue and a personalized breakfast await you for unforgettable days in Angra dos Reis. Access the site to know more and come visit us. You will be most welcome here.


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