Discover Engenho D'água Beach with Velinn Pousada Ponta do Pequeah


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Discover Engenio Dagua Beach with Velinn Pousada Ponta do Pequeah

Discover Engenho D'água Beach with Velinn Pousada Ponta do Pequeah

Ilhabela is an incredible destination, full of nature, wonderful beaches, crystal clear sea and a perfect climate for rest. There are so many beaches that it is difficult to choose which ones to visit, especially if you come to the region with little time. As a result, we will use this space to share tips on the most special places, so you can build your itinerary and know where to go when you're here. The tip of the time is: Discover Praia do Engenho D'água in Ilhabela with accommodation at Vellin Pousada Ponta do Pequeah.

Praia do Engenho D?água

Praia do Engenho D'água is located in the central region of Ilhabela and still on the road, arriving at the beach, it is already possible to see the unique beauty of this beach. There you will find a bike path and a pedestrian walkway that lead to a pier, which is frequented by fishermen or locals looking for a dip in the calm and transparent sea. At the pier, early in the morning, it is also possible to observe several schools of fish and some sea turtles.

The extensive stretch of sand has a lot of shade due to the many trees, providing the perfect environment to take a good beach and rest, in fact, the beach is great to enjoy with children, since the sea is calm. 

Right in front of the beach is located the Fazenda do Engenho D?Água, an old colonial farm, built in the 17th century. The farm has been listed by Condephaat (Council for the Defense of Historical, Archaeological, Artistic and Tourist Heritage) since 1945 and, as a result, it still retains many original features such as the slaves' basements. It was transformed into a Municipal Park by the Municipality of Ilhabela and is the setting for exhibitions and events.

Praia do Engenho D?Água is located just 5 km from the ferry towards the North, and 1.5 km from village, in the Historic Center of Ilhabela. It is next to Praia do Pequeá, the beach that gives its name to one of Rede Vellin's inns, Pousada Ponta do Pequeah. 

Vellin Pousada Ponta do Pequeah

THE Vellin Pousada Ponta do Pequeah was built in the concept of a European village, has a privileged location, as it is in the middle of Boulevard Gourmet, a few meters from the Historic Center of Ilhabela and between the beaches of Engenho D?água and Saco da Capela.

In addition to the accommodations equipped with a queen-size bed, spring mattress, LED TV, split air conditioning, minibar, ceiling fan and sofa, the inn overlooks Pico do Baepi, providing a lot of peace during your days here. 

The leisure area of this unit offers a swimming pool with a wonderful view of nature! It is worth checking. 

So, what are you waiting for to make your reservation? Come, Ilhabela awaits you!

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