Tips for camping in Ilhabela


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Tips for camping in Ilhabela 2

Tips for camping in Ilhabela

Camping can be a delight or a nightmare, it all depends on how much a person enjoys camping, how much they know about camping, how they prepare and, of course, the weather and destination. If you are planning to camp in Ilhabela and need help getting organized, know that you have arrived at the right post. Keep reading because today we will give you the main tips for camping in Ilhabela and, in the end, you can say that it was a delight. 

tent for camping

If you've never camped, it's important not to skip this topic. The choice of tent is essential. How many people will you share it with? If it's with 4 people, it's important to have a tent for at least 6 people, so no one sleeps tight, if you have rooms with partitions, even better, but for tents like this you have to pay a little more. 

Don't forget that your tent is your home, it's your comfort zone. Some allow rain to pass through the seams and fabrics or are too hot for lack of ventilation. And believe me, know that the quality of the tent is directly related to the value. Don't want to spend it? Calm down, at Velinn Camping Ilhabela you have the option that already includes the tent set up with a mattress, in case you don't want to buy or bring your own.

Will you bring your own tent? Don't forget to assemble it at home first so you don't have doubts or surprises when you get here. Make sure it's all right with it, especially if it's already been used. 

Essential accessories 

REPELLENT, SUNSCREEN (written in capitals even so you don't forget), flashlight, plug extension, lighter, pocket knife, ropes, toilet paper, broom and shovel to remove sand or dirt from inside the tent are essential items.  

Are you going to cook at the campsite? Don't forget the stove, old pans, plastic or aluminum plates and cups, cutlery and, of course, a good cooler. 

Inflatable mattress, mattress, bed linen and towels are also essential. 

Want a special tip? Women, bring a sprayer with disinfectant and cloths to use in the toilet, in the bathroom, after all, it's community and not everyone keeps it clean, despite the cleaning done constantly by the camping team. Another golden tip is to have a bag that you can get wet so you can hang it in the shower with your bath items, as well as a liquid soap so you don't have the risk of falling on the floor. 

Cordiality and respect 

Inside the campsite, it is normal for people to be more cordial, helpful and friendly. Friendliness is one of the values that is associated with campers. They help each other, talk, say good morning, are friendly, help and let themselves be helped. Respect the schedules and spaces of other campers and they will respect yours!

Velinn Camping Ilhabela

The campsite is next to the waterfall, approximately 1km from Praia do Perequê, one of the most famous on the island.    

Velinn Camping Ilhabela is equipped with 220v power points, lighting, complete bathrooms, barbecues, kitchens, swimming pools, children's playground and a large kiosk as a common area.

It is integrated to the Ilha da Aventura Eco Park with a super extra in leisure. It is also worth mentioning that we are Pet Friendly.  

access on here to check all the details, make your reservation and come enjoy with us!

It will be a joy to provide this experience for you!



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