Discover Praia da Fome in Ilhabela


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discover hunger beach in ilhabela

Discover Praia da Fome in Ilhabela

The Paradise for many tourists it has a name and, it's called Beautiful island, this region made up of 40 beaches and 130 km of coastline, is located in north coast of São Paulo It is one of the most beautiful regions in Brazil.

In addition to the beaches, you can find trails, waterfalls, historical monuments and many other places to have fun, it is a great region to travel with the family and have incredible memories!

Hunger Beach

Of all 40 beaches in Ilhabela, one that you cannot miss is the Hunger Beach, ideal for those looking for a unique experience!

Hunger Beach receives this name, because in this region the story is told that the slaves after a long precarious journey, coming from Africa they were fed on this beach.

Despite the sad story, This beach has a paradisiacal view, its waters they are crystal blue and its wide shore with fine sand. it is located between the Jabaquara Beach and the Poço Beach, at the north of Ilhabela.

There are some options of what to do to enjoy this beach is fine. These options are:

  • Deep sea fishing
  • Dive
  • Stand Up
  • Speedboat Ride
  • sand sports

It's a great beach to take the children, the place is calm and peaceful and you won't have to worry about shakes. Do not forget apply sunscreen and repellent due to the strong sun and native forest in the region. 

When to visit Ilhabela? 

For those who are planning visit Ilhabela, It is worth noting that, in times of high season all regions receive a high number of tourists, for those visiting Ilhabela out of season at tariffs usually go down to 50%.

Out of season it is ideal to visit the region in spring, when the climate it is warm and it is possible to take advantage of waterfalls.

Privileged Location

Better than being in Ilhabela, is being able to be in a privileged location! We know that every part of Ilhabela is incredible, so, The Velinn Network has several establishments in 11 different locations in the region.

Do not leave it for later! Consult all promotions gives Velinn Network and all our structures, ensure your reservation for the best-cost benefit.

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