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Largo dos Guimarães in Santa Teresa

It's in Largo dos Guimarães in Santa Teresa that the buzz happens. It's where the cable cars run and where everything happens.

During the day, the idea is to circulate around the stores and various ateliers, art runs wild there and inspires everyone. Visit the craft stores, thrift stores and grocery stores. The architecture of the historic buildings adorn the scene and are worth photographing.

You can also take the opportunity to visit Parque das Ruínas, we already talked about it on here

And to end the day, after exploring the Largo dos Guimarães in Santa Teresa, enjoy the great bars and restaurants located nearby, the gastronomic circuit there is incredible and we are sure you will love it. Restaurants, bars, cafes and even an organic bakery combine culinary flavors from different regions with the bohemian charm of Rio.

If you want to pack your bags to get to know the Santa Teresa neighborhood, count on Velinn Reserva Santa Teresa to stay. 

The hotel exudes an atmosphere of old Rio charm, with colonial furniture, gardens, swimming pool, solarium, a huge expanse of tropical forest full of monkeys and birds, and even a private trail, as well as very comfortable accommodation and impeccable service, it is clear. 

Check out all the details on here and come here now, you will be enchanted by this destination.


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