Everything about Conceição de Jacareí in Mangaratiba – RJ


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Everything about Conceição de Jacarei in Mangaratiba RJ

Everything about Conceição de Jacareí in Mangaratiba – RJ

Conceição de Jacareí in Mangaratiba is the beach where Velinn Reserva Mangaratiba is located, and in addition to the tours to the famous Ilha Grande, it offers many incredible attractions. Follow us as we read and check out the details.

Conceição de Jacareí in Mangaratiba

Conceição de Jacareí is a district in the municipality of Mangaratiba, in the region called Costa Verde, on the coast of Rio de Janeiro. Close to Angra dos Reis, one of the region's attractions is the boat trip to the famous Ilha Grande. But the destination has much more to offer and in this article we will give you a brief summary. 

The main beach of Conceição de Jacareí in Mangaratiba It has few waves, making it the perfect choice for families with children. In addition, services such as chair rental and kiosks with food and drinks complete the good experience. With a kayak in hand, from this beach you can paddle to Sororoca Island, okay?!

But it's not just beaches that you'll find in this destination. Waterfalls and water wells offer leisure and adrenaline for those who like to have fun in the middle of nature. 

The most famous waterfall is Cachoeira Véu de Noiva, 6 meters long, forming an extensive slide, which ends in a deeper area.

There is also Cachoeira do Escorrega and Poço Encantado, all within easy reach for those who are in Velinn Reserva Mangaratiba and want to make the most of it. Conceição de Jacareí in Mangaratiba

With attractions for all tastes, the region includes 34 beaches divided into 5 districts, from quiet to trendy beaches, waterfalls and trails.

And if you are looking for a place to stay in the region, count on the warmth and excellent service at Velinn Reserva Mangaratiba. 

The accommodation offered is very comfortable and is equipped with Smart TV, split air conditioning, Wi-Fi, minibar and private bathroom. Some even have the option of a balcony and view. The delicious breakfast completes the good experience.

Access the site to check all the details and guarantee your reservation now at Conceição de Jacareí in Mangaratiba, on the coast of Rio de Janeiro. 

We are waiting for you. 


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