How to avoid the line on the ferry to get to Ilhabela


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How to avoid queuing on the ferry to get to Ilhabela 1

How to avoid the line on the ferry to get to Ilhabela

Ilhabela is truly beautiful, it lives up to its name, and because of its beauty, it receives tourists from all corners of the world throughout the year. It turns out that to get to Ilhabela you have to take a ferry and, anyone who knows the destination already knows, the queue for this ferry is normally quite long. When you arrive in São Sebastião, in the region that gives access to it, you will already have the ?incredible? opportunity to see the queue from afar. This may put off first-time tourists a little, however, know that the queue is worth it, the reward is worth its weight in gold. But thinking about helping you, in this month's post we will give you some tips on how to avoid queuing on the ferry to get to Ilhabela. Will you join us in reading?

Check the Dersa website

The first tip is for you to consult the Dersa website, there you will have the opportunity to inquire about the status of the ferry. If you're already on the way, it's worth stopping, eating something and checking it out, when the queue is short, it's worth continuing your journey. The website also informs the expected waiting time, so if you are far away, or still at home, you can plan better. 


If you know the queue is long, but don't want to wait, know that there is the possibility of crossing on the ferry by appointment. That's right, Dersa offers an appointment service to use the ferry. 

It is allowed to schedule a crossing at least two hours in advance or up to 60 days before the trip. The purchase is made by on here and payment is made via credit card.

Stewardship has a cost. The common car crossing on weekends, towards Ilhabela, costs R$28.50 and by booking, it costs R$98. Has courage?

Depending on the occasion, it's worth it. There are people who visit Ilhabela for appointments, such as wedding parties, among others, and arriving at the right time is important. 

You have 30 minutes of tolerance before or after the reserved time.

Accommodation in Ilhabela

Leaving the barça, head towards one of the inns or hotels from the Velinn Network, this is how you will have the opportunity to experience one of the best trips in your dream destination. Be sure to check out all our units and secure your reservation. 

We will love to welcome you.



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