Ilhabela Natural Pool: Port of São Pedro


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São Pedro ilhabela

Ilhabela Natural Pool: Port of São Pedro

We have already mentioned in other articles in this blog about little-known places in Ilhabela. And in this post we will give you another valuable tip for you to explore when you are here. It is the Natural Pool of Porto de São Pedro, also called Porto Secreto de São Pedro. Let's go?

Port of São Pedro

The natural pools of Porto de São Pedro are on the south side of the island, after the famous Praia do Veloso; it is before Taubaté Beach. 

The pools overlook the famous Alcatrazes Archipelago and a day there will be like being in paradise. 

 The pool is located on the coast, in a part of the island where there are no beaches. The distribution of the stones forms a wide well with good depth, forming a natural pool with calm and crystal clear waters, it is incredible. 

How to get to Porto de São Pedro

To get to Porto de São Pedro, where we will find the Ilhabela natural pool, use the GPS and enter ?Av. Governor Mário Covas Júnior, 12300?. Arriving at your destination, park on the shoulder (respecting areas where parking is prohibited). 

There are identification signs signaling the entrance to the Natural Pool trail.

Access is through a small wooden gate on private property, don't forget that people live there, so go down there respecting the residents and don't make noise or leave trash along the way. After the stairs, follow a path with a paved street. A little further on you will find a forest path that soon reaches the coast. Once you reach the rocks, head to the right. 

When arriving at the pool, be careful with the stones, which are slippery and pay extra attention to the tide, which can rise suddenly depending on sea conditions.

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