Find out how to get to Praia da Caveira in Ilhabela


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find out how to get to skull beach in ilhabela

Find out how to get to Praia da Caveira in Ilhabela

THE Caveira Beach in Ilhabela It is perfect for those who want to enjoy a day away from the hustle and bustle. It is among the most beautiful deserted beaches in São Paulo. 

The sea on this beach has clear waters and attracts divers in search of underwater fishing and its legends. Curious? In this post we will tell you more about this paradise and how to get there. Come with us!

Caveira Beach in Ilhabela 

A deserted beach is usually a little explored beach, very well preserved and that requires a certain effort to be accessed. This is Praia da Caveira, on the east side of Ilhabela, a beach that can be accessed by sea by boat. 

The beach is named after a tragedy that happened in the region in 1916. According to historical facts, the English ocean liner Príncipe das Asturias sank near Ponta de Pirabura, with more than 600 people on board. This shipwreck is 100 meters from the coast, at a depth of 18 to 45 meters. A good part of the bodies of the castaways were carried by the tide to the sands of this beach, which is more than 5 km from the accident site, and that is why it is called Praia da Skull. Do you like to hear legends? So look? Legends claim that the souls of the castaways still haunt the beach and, as a result, many islanders prefer not to approach it. It will be?!

Praia da Caveira is only 50 meters long, and is located between Serraria and Guanxuma beaches. Submerged rocks and many species of fish and vegetation attract divers who practice underwater fishing. The transparency of the waters favors this practice.

access to Caveira Beach in Ilhabela is done by boat, in a trip that lasts approximately 45 minutes, departing from Praia do Perequê.

Another way to get to Praia da Caveira is from the Castelhanos beach, but be prepared to venture out. From Castelhanos, it is possible to arrange a ride with boatmen to the beach of Caveiras or to the beach of Guanxuma, from where it is possible to take a trail to Caveiras. 

Accommodation in Ilhabela

For your accommodation in Ilhabela, there are several options of inns with the Velinn Chain of Hotels and Inns, and you can check them all on here. Now, if you want to stay in a region that facilitates access to Praia das Caveiras in Ilhabela, how about staying at Praia do Perequê, in Velinn Pousada Praia do Pereque?!

The inn offers cozy environments, leisure with swimming pool, comfortable accommodation and is just a 1-minute walk from Praia do Perequê, an extensive and very famous beach in Ilhabela, with an infrastructure of bars and restaurants. The sea is calm for families with children to enjoy and several sporting events take place there. 

You will be delighted to discover these wonders of Ilhabela and we will love to be part of your trip. He comes!


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