Learn more about Praia Mansa in Ilhabela


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find out more about the gentle beach at ilhabela

Learn more about Praia Mansa in Ilhabela

You already know that Ilhabela is a charming destination, full of paradisiacal and deserted beaches, making the island a true paradise in the state of São Paulo. And it is on the beaches on the east side that you can find some of the most incredible scenery on the island, including Praia Mansa. Do you want to know more about her? So join us in reading and get ready to fall in love. 

Praia Mansa in Ilhabela

The east side of Ilhabela hides small paradises and is available for those willing to venture out by boat or by trail. Praia Mansa is part of these gems, it is next to the famous Castelhanos beach

THE Praia Mansa in Ilhabela It has a small strip of sand, approximately 70 meters long, and is contemplated with a sea of very calm waters, perfect for a refreshing swim in the sea. 

Despite facing the ocean and far from the city, a small caiçara community lives there, and their main means of survival is fishing and manioc cultivation. There you will also find a small church, a school and nautical support for the maintenance of the community's vessels.

THE Praia Mansa in Ilhabela it is quite quiet and little explored, and this happens due to the difficulty of access, which can be by boat or by a trail, departing from Praia de Castelhanos and takes about 30 minutes. 

Accommodation in Ilhabela with Velinn

If you are excited to visit these more deserted beaches in Ilhabela, come with great enthusiasm and know that you will find many beautiful beaches, which hide indescribable natural beauties and full of stories, just find a native who wants to chat and you will be taken by a lot of curiosity in every word he lets out. In fact, it's always good to find a receptive and welcoming local people in the destination to which we travel, isn't it? This makes tourists, regardless of where they come from, feel at home. In guesthouses and hotels Velinn Chain of Hotels and Inns you will find that warmth. That's because we work with a team that loves what they do and is dedicated to making each guest feel comfortable, welcomed and inspired to know every corner of Ilhabela.

Access our site to check out all the options spread around the Island and plan your trip; We are waiting for you with open arms. 


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