Toca Waterfall in Ilhabela with accommodation at Rede Velinn


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Toca waterfall in ilhabela with hosting on the velinn network

Toca Waterfall in Ilhabela with accommodation at Rede Velinn

Everyone already knows that Ilhabela has many beaches, trails and waterfalls, and taking advantage of them, obviously, is always a delight. Ilhabela is big and on a weekend it is difficult to see everything, so it is extremely important to come with a ready-made itinerary, so you don't have to doubt which beaches and other tours to visit and can make the most of your time here. To help you put together this itinerary, we'll give you some tips here, and today's one is about Cachoeira da Toca in Ilhabela with accommodation at Rede Vellin. 

Toca Waterfall

Cachoeira da Toca is one of the most famous and traditional tourist attractions in Ilhabela. There you will find a strong natural shower approximately 3 meters high, as well as a waterslide approximately 50 meters long, considered the largest in Ilhabela. 

The name of the waterfall comes from a large cave that became known as Toca. The river passes through this cave and flows over the rocks, forming a slide. At Cachoeira da Toca you will find several attractions that guarantee many hours of fun amidst the nature of Ilhabela.

At Cachoeira da Toca there is a small fee for entry. This happens because the tourist attraction is in private territory, within Fazenda da Toca. The good thing about this story is that the administration offers excellent infrastructure for visitors, such as parking, bathrooms and accessibility for wheelchair users.

Tickets cost R$ 20.00 per person and children under 10 are free (prices updated in September 2020).

The entrance to Cachoeira da Toca is at the beginning of the Castelhanos road. Several signposts indicate the way.

Accommodation in Ilhabela

For your accommodation in Ilhabela, count on Vellin Rede de Hotéis e Pousadas. There are several units spread across several beaches in Ilhabela. All guarantee comfort, rest, tranquility, leisure and contact with nature. 

To get to know each one of them and choose the one that suits you best, access the website

It will be a joy to welcome you here and be part of this incredible trip to Ilhabela. 

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