Discover the Santa Teresa Neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro


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conheca o bairro de santa teresa no rio de janeiro

Discover the Santa Teresa Neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is a charming destination and attracts tourists from all corners of the world throughout the year. No wonder, the city is really beautiful and those who know it fall in love. Several neighborhoods attract the attention of tourists, whether for the beaches, for the songs that portray the destination, for the bohemia or even for the charm of the streets full of slopes. It is the case of Santa Teresa neighborhood, a unique and charming place in Rio de Janeiro, more precisely in the central region and above a hill, providing privileged views of the south and central areas of the wonderful city. 

THE Santa Teresa neighborhood it seems to have stopped in time, after all, it is full of old houses, mansions, narrow cobblestone streets and the cable car track that took residents and tourists uphill. It's a real charm and you can't miss it.

Santa Teresa neighborhood

The origins of Santa Teresa neighborhood comes from the 19th century, when the Santa Teresa Convent was built and gave the place its name. The region includes mansions and mansions because it was a stronghold of the old carioca aristocracy.

The famous Santa Teresa cable car was implemented in 1872 and, for a long time, was the only tram line in the city of Rio de Janeiro, it only stopped running due to an accident, but to the delight of fans of the iconic cable car, it started working again.

Things to do in Santa Teresa Neighborhood

This tip is easy, it's no secret that the Santa Teresa neighborhood is one of the most bohemian in the city. But that's not all, the neighborhood has a lot of art and intellectuality in its workshops and cultural centers and the architecture and atmosphere of such environments take us to another era. 

Stopping at a bar is practically mandatory, even if it's just for a juice. The reception from the local people is incredible and you will feel like you are in a circle of old friends. The truth is that everyone needs to live the experience that this neighborhood suggests to us, even once in a lifetime – Theh, and eat pastries too!

Take the opportunity to visit Parque das Ruínas, with an incredible viewpoint. The place is the old mansion of Laurinda Santos Lobo, one of the personalities who lived in the neighborhood. The house was built on one of the highest points in Rio and that is why it is a viewpoint and space for contemplation of the carioca waterfront and the central region of the city. Today it is a space of leisure and culture very frequented by locals and tourists.

It is also worth mentioning the Selaron Staircase, one of the most sought after and visited places in the neighborhood. There are 215 steps fully covered with colored tiles of different sizes and patterns. Don't forget the photo! 

Accommodation in the Santa Teresa Neighborhood

Maybe one day is not enough for you to get to know all the details of the neighborhood and make the most of what it has to offer, so if you want to stay, stay! The best option for accommodation in the Santa Teresa neighborhood and the Velinn Reserva Santa Teresa

Located at the top of the bohemian neighborhood, opposite the most famous restaurant in Rio, it offers the best view of the city. THE Velinn Reserva Santa Teresa it is in a beautiful 100 year old colonial building that doubles as a peaceful and very safe haven in the center of a sprawling city! You will love!

Access our site to know more and come to know this famous and beloved neighborhood. We are waiting for you. 


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