Discover the Cação Hole in Ilhabela


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Buraco do Cacao em Ilhabela

Discover the Cação Hole in Ilhabela

Ilhabela has incredible places to visit, which can easily be called paradise and yes, they are part of our wonderful Brazil. Paradise beaches are not only found in other countries, folks; many Brazilian destinations offer us wonderful and stunning paradisiacal beaches and here in Ilhabela we can find many of them. In addition to the beaches, Ilhabela has several masterpieces of nature that involve trails, waterfalls, viewpoints and much more. At the blog gives Velinn Chain of Hotels and Inns we share several tips for you to do the best tours in the region, and the tip of this post is for you to know the Cação hole in Ilhabela. Will you follow us in this reading?

Cação hole in Ilhabela

THE Dogfish Hole It is located on the way to the famous Praia do Bonete, this place attracts the attention of adventurers who like a trail and those who sail there. THE Dogfish Hole It is a stone wall about 80 meters high and that for thousands of years has been punished by strong waves, these waves are so strong that they made openings and crevices with tens of meters in length and height in this wall.

Over the years and after being heavily sculpted by the waves, the stone wall has become a true masterpiece. The wall and the sea form an incredible view, worthy of a movie and the more adventurous practice activities such as abseiling on site.

How to get to Buraco do Cação

to get to Dogfish Hole overland, take an access at the beginning of the trail to Laje waterfall, which is also the way to Praia do Bonete. Drive towards the south of the island until you reach where the asphalt ends. Follow the dirt road to the end, where you will find a farm gate and a parking lot to leave your vehicle. Continue on foot along the trail until you see the sign for Fazenda da Laje. Then go down the trail to the Dogfish Hole.

When you get there, you have to be careful as the terrain is a mixture of earth and rocks, making the place very slippery. The walk takes about 30 minutes.

Now, if you want to visit the Dogfish Hole by the sea, it is just after Ponta da Sepituba and you can't go wrong, it is recognized from afar for its beauty and grandeur.

First of all, respect the conditions of the sea and do not approach the walls if you do not have much navigation experience, there are local guides and tour agencies that can take you to visit the place safely. 

The whole journey is worth it, arriving at the top, the viewpoint of Dogfish Hole It has a beautiful, breathtaking view.

On the way back to Fazenda da Lage, take the opportunity to go to Cachoeira da Lage and cool off with a swim. You will not regret. 

For your hosting, count on the structure of Velinn Chain of Hotels and Inns, there are several options spread across Ilhabela and we are sure that one of them will meet your needs, providing the comfort you need for your rest between tours.  

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