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Velinn's main focus has always been people

In everything we do, we always strive for the best service and experience for our guests. Faced with an extremely serious situation, such as the COVID-19, Coronavirus pandemic, we express that our focus continues to be on people.
The moment calls for caution and responsibility.

Our destinations have won the international seal Safe Travel and Velinn for Responsible Tourism.
Come… it's safe!

This document forms an integral part of the Regulation | Contract ? Annex 4

Security Protocols

Thinking of you, since March 2020, Velinn Rede de Hotéis e Pousadas will follow the following guidelines and procedures to preserve the health and well-being of all our guests and employees, thus ensuring all the safety you deserve during the different phases in destinations .

Know the requirements, decree and more details at your destination, Click here.

The following protocols will be followed: *

- All hotel staff will use PPE? needed. They will sanitize common areas several times a day to ensure that your accommodation is even safer.
- could be measure the temperature body on arrival. If the temperature is higher than 37.8ºC, you will be taken to the hospital or you will have to return to your hometown.
- It is essential to bring and use masks in the social and leisure areas and access to breakfast. Please bring your masks.
- We will provide personal sanitization points in several areas of the hotels. wash your hands and use alcohol gel ever!
- keep distance minimum of 2 meters between the other guests and staff.

Read about cleanliness of the accommodations and more details, here below:

- A stowage, disinfection and change of linen of the accommodation will be done every 3 days. The guest can choose to receive or not the simple cleaning service during their stay. They will not be able to stay in the accommodation during cleaning.
- Upon check-in we ask that you have the documents in hand, including all children, to speed up the process.
- There will be priority for the risk group. 
- All interactions at reception must respect the minimum distance in the queue and at the service desk.
- The service of luggage transport is suspended, both on arrival and departure.
- Cleaning protocol will focus on sanitizing accommodation with certified products and every precaution will be taken for your safety.

- Breakfast will have its different time and previously scheduled at reception.
- There will be greater spacing between tables and specific protocols in the handling of breakfast foods.
- Coffee will be served in the lounge and outside areas maintaining maximum occupancy protocols. For guests in the risk group, it can be served in the room.
- During the phases in which the restaurants are working exclusively for Delivery, the hotel will provide space, plates, cutlery and glasses for your greatest convenience.
* The hotels do not have their own restaurant.

- Swimming pools, saunas, games room, barbecues and gym will be open with appointment and with maximum number of people. In some phases they may have more restricted schedules or not be available.
- Keep distance and not generate agglomerations in any area of the hotel.
- THE Velin Club, day use network will be restricted. Know more...
- Tours, beaches and waterfalls are working with their own protocols. See them here! In some phases they may be closed.

On the premises of the hotel

There will be signs on the premises of the hotel, but the most important thing is to follow the team's instructions!

To know all the sanitary protocols that will be adopted by the hotels and inns of the chain, Click here.

Heads up: When you book in a unit of Velinn Hotels and Inns, it will mean that you are in accordance with the rules described here and that you will strictly follow the team's instructions. Know more. 

use our chat to ask questions and obtain more information.

* Protocols are subject to change to accommodate new government decrees.

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Re-opening dates

Most Velinn hotels followed the schedule of the Ilhabela City Hall and reopened on the 15th of July.

Find out about the exceptions below:

THE Velinn Hotel Santa Teresa, 31st of July

THE Velinn Pousada HPJAugust 14th

THE Velinn Camping Ilhabela, August 28th

The other units on the network have been open since 07/15/2020

** These dates are expected and may be changed by government order. New closures may be enacted without prior notice, at which time we will notify you and provide you with rescheduling and/or cancellation options.

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