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Velinn Loyalty | cashback

These are discounts, credits and unique benefits.

Join the Velinn Loyalty program and enjoy the following benefits:
cashback, earn credits with each stay to come back whenever you want.
– Preference for early check in and late check out.
– Hotel change at check-in.
– Accumulate daily and earn: Welcome drinks, Up-grades, Coffee in the room, Sparkling wines, Daily rates, Weekends and much more…

There are more than 150 accommodation options and still enjoy everyone's leisure, Velin Club.

Only available at select Velinn hotels. Carefully read the Rules of Use* and see the participating hotels below

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Velinn Loyalty Benefits

Discounts from 25 to 50%

Immediate discounts for year-round bookings with 2 nights or more.


Earn credits with each stay to come back whenever you want.

Early Check in

Arrive early and have preference to enter the accommodation

late check out

Leave your accommodation or hotel a few hours later, until the end of the day.

Breakfast served in the room

Join nights and get free in-room breakfast.

Weekdays and Weekends

Join nights and earn nights or weekends as our guest

Welcome Drink or Sparkling Wine

Join nights and get a drink on arrival or a sparkling wine in your room.

Velinn Club, Day Use of the Velinn network

Velinn Club is the Day Use of the hotels in the chain and is included. know more...

Velinn Loyalty | cashback

Velinn Loyalty

Register for the program Velinn Loyalty and get instant discounts, credits for upcoming bookings and unique benefits. Stay at a Velinn every time and never get tired of Ilhabela. There are more than 100 options for apartments, chalets and villas in the chain's hotels. Know more?

pet friendly

We love animals, so your pet will be very welcome in most units and apartments in the Velinn chain. Let us know when your pet is coming, check our rules and come enjoy Ilhabela with your best friend.
Know more?

Weddings and Events

Woods, woods and rapids in a colonial farm facing the sea. The perfect setting for weddingsmini weddings and corporate events. We have complete infrastructure for your event. Know more?

*Velinn Loyalty - Rules and Usage

The Velinn Loyalty program is available for reservations made through the Velinn network website and for registered guests. See below for more details:

members area ? By clicking on MAKE A RESERVATION at the hotels above or on SEE OFFERS in this link, register in the upper right, Members Area. 
Once registered, make your reservation and you will have your cashback and others benefits guaranteed. 
Only reservations made through our website or hbook, and with an active registration during the reservation, will have the Velinn Loyalty benefits.

immediate discounts ? On the Velinn website you will always have the best prices. Discounts vary by hotel and time of year, up to 50%. Click here and check.

cashback ? Valid for the hotel where you stayed, you can use them and get new ones whenever you make a new reservation, as long as you are registered. The cashback amount varies depending on the hotel and the time of year, between 3% and 15% of the reservation amount. The credit will be available after 5 days of check out, where only the registered guest will have access through their login and password. The credit can be transferred to other guests registered directly through the Members Area. Velinn does not have access or permission to perform this procedure.

Early check-in and late check-out ? Early entry to the accommodation may be from 10:00 am and late departure until 4:00 pm. Fidelidade Velinn guests have preference in this service, however it may vary in schedules and will depend on the availability of the apartment booked on the day of arrival or on the day of departure. Accommodations will hardly be available in high season or on Saturdays due to high demand on these dates, but even so, you will be very well received at the hotel, you can leave your bags at reception, change in the changing room and enjoy the Velin Club or go out to the wonderful Ilhabela beaches.

hotel change ? Upon arrival at the reserved hotel, you may be asked to change to another unit in the Velinn chain. This service will depend on the availability of accommodation at the destination hotel and will cost between 20% and 30% of the original reservation amount, in addition to the tariff difference between categories, if any. There will be no refund or credit if the value is lower and the cost of the exchange must always be paid. We reserve the right not to offer this service on special dates or for some of the hotels in the chain, even if available and participants of the Velinn Loyalty program.

Join daily for a year and earn the benefits below? ACCUMULATED, that is, when you join 10 days you will be entitled to the Welcome Drink, Breakfast served in the room and the upgrade, ALL TOGETHER. Accumulate 30 days and have the whole list AT ONCE, the sparkling wine, daily and weekend on us!

Welcome Drink ? A drink will be offered as a courtesy for every 6 nights accumulated in a period of 1 year. It can be a caipirinha, a Caravela Cocktail, a natural juice, a can of beer or a can of soda, according to the availability of the bar or bartender at the time of request. This service will not be available during your stay at Velinn Caravela Camping Ilhabela and Velinn HPJ Ilhabela Hostel. The number of accumulated nights will be available in the members area.

Breakfast in the room ? A day of breakfast served in your apartment will be available every 8 nights accumulated in a period of 1 year. Choose the day you would like to be served upon check-in. This service will not be available during your stay at Velinn Caravela Camping Ilhabela and Velinn HPJ Ilhabela Hostel.

Upgrade to better accommodations ? Every 10 nights, during a period of 1 year, you will be granted a courtesy upgrade for one day in an apartment of a higher category than the one reserved for up to 2 people. This service will depend on availability at the time of booking and must be confirmed in advance by the hotel. It will be for one night, however, if there is a possibility, we will extend it for a few more days if you consult the reception at the time of check in. This service will not be available during your stay at Velinn Camping Ilhabela.

Sparkling wine ? Every 12 nights, for a period of 1 year, you will receive a complimentary sparkling wine in your apartment. You must request the day you would like us to serve you during your check-in or in advance, while making your reservation in the special requests area. This service will not be available during your stay at Velinn Camping Ilhabela and Velinn Pousada HPJ.

Complimentary daily ? Every 20 nights, over a period of 1 year, you will receive a complimentary night in a Standard room, for 2 people, from Sunday to Thursday, subject to availability. It can be used from April to September, outside holidays and commemorative dates.

Complimentary weekend ? Upon arriving at 30 nights accumulated over a period of 1 year, we will be pleased to offer you a weekend, with check-in on Friday and check-out on Sunday, in a Standard apartment, for 2 people. It will depend on the availability of the hotels and can be used from April to September, outside holidays and commemorative dates.

Will not be considered for the Velinn Loyalty Program:
? Reservations made on our website without registering in the members area or when you are not logged in during the reservation;
? Reservations made at the hotel desk, by phone, email, WhatsApp or social sites. Outside of our website or the HBook;
? Reservations made by online and offline agencies, tour operators, holiday clubs or external websites

Heads up:
? Velinn does not own the loyalty system technology.
? The number of nights accumulated for calculating benefits and the Cashback amount will only be available in the members area. For cashback, you must make your reservation through the website, as we do not have access to your username. For other benefits, please take a screenshot and send it to us for validation.
? The benefits cannot be changed for other services, for other products, for monetary values and, except for Cashback, they cannot be transferred to other guests.
– When using your nights for any benefit, every day until the date will be deducted and counting will start again, except for Cashback. We recommend gathering as much as possible in a year to get multiple benefits at once.
– The camping does not have some benefits for not having the services available, such as breakfast, welcome drink, sparkling wine and accommodation upgrade.

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