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This channel was created especially to communicate with guests with confirmed reservations and who need to change, reschedule or cancel.

Due to the pandemic, there have been greater and lesser flexibilities on the part of governments since March 2020, but it has persisted since then. The phases define which protocols must be followed for greater safety for everyone. Ilhabela is following them, as is the Velinn network. 


If you made your reservation after March 20, 2020, last year, and there is no new lockdown from the hotel business and your reservation is out of the cancellation period, hotels may or do not accept the change or cancellation of your reservation, However, we will analyze your request carefully, especially in more restrictive phases!

Find out which phase of the São Paulo Plan Ilhabela is in, in addition towhat can and what can't work in velinn.com/covid-19.

To reschedule or cancel reservations made by travel agencies or travel websites, how Booking.comTake off, hotels.com, CVC, Hurb, etc., should directly request pairaa agency or website where you made the reservation. The hotel's contract with agencies and websites does not allow us to change or cancel reservations, but we will be available for any questions.

See the policies and deadlines for changing/cancelling your reservation without penalty on your voucher, or access on here.

Changes to dates or cancellations due to the coronavirus pandemic COVID-19 will only be accepted under the following guidelines, Click here.

Reschedule or Change Reservation

Please fill out the form with your details and wait for us to respond.

Find out more about Letter of Credit rules on here.

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We are people serving people and it is very gratifying to see that 90% of our guests chose to reschedule their trips, understanding the tourism situation and maintaining your reservation with Velinn. We guarantee your best experience!

If you really need to cancel, should request by email.
Please, forward the voucher complete message received in your email, the one you received from the website when you made your reservation, with the name of the website, reservation number, full name and number of people,  for [email protected] with your cancellation request.
Heads up: If the complete voucher is not sent with the request, you cannotwe will process your order. 

Note that the COVID-19 situation is atypical for the hotel and the guest. Hotels also have responsibilities towards families who depend on tourism. Cancellation or change of dates outside the valid policy prevents us from fulfilling these responsibilities and we are here to serve you in the future!

Velinn is a chain of independent, small hotels and guesthouses that have a single focus,
exceed our guests' expectations.
However, to do this, we need to be here… ready for you!

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