Historical tour at Ponta do Boi Lighthouse in Ilhabela


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historic tour of the Ponta do Boi lighthouse in ilhabela

Historical tour at Ponta do Boi Lighthouse in Ilhabela

Ilhabela is a magical place, full of beautiful beaches, trails, waterfalls and, of course, lots of stories to tell. If you are a fan of destinations that tell true stories and legends, the island is the ideal place for you and we will give you an incredible tour tip: the Ponta do Boi Lighthouse in Ilhabela. Let's know more about this place?

Ponta do Boi Lighthouse in Ilhabela

Ponta do Boi Lighthouse is one of the oldest lighthouses in the state of São Paulo. Its construction ended in 1900 and, being in a rocky region of difficult access, its construction was delayed in the last years of the 19th century. It is also worth mentioning that, due to its location and scope, it is among the ten most important lighthouses in Brazil.

THE Ponta do Boi Lighthouse in Ilhabela has a strategic location in order to signal to boats that are on the high seas, far from the mainland, that the sea around them is dangerous for navigation. In fact, in this region some vessels have already sunk, being a cemetery for almost 100 vessels.

The lighthouse is 17 meters high and its reach is installed 70 meters from the slope, so the light is 87 meters high and it is possible to be seen from a greater distance of 40 kilometers or 22 nautical miles. It received the name Ponta do Boi for being located on the tip of a hill in the shape of an ox.

Ponta do Boi Lighthouse is close to the city of Ilhabela, but access can only be made by boat or helicopter. This fact shows us the isolation bravely faced by so many lighthouse keepers and their families for over 100 years.  

In addition to Ponta do Boi, Ilhabela has two other great lighthouses: Ponta das Canas and Ponta da Sela.

There are some tours in Ilhabela that go around the island, and it is from them that you will have the opportunity to observe the Ponta do Boi Lighthouse in Ilhabela. Ask for directions at the reception of your accommodation.

Accommodation in Ilhabela

To enjoy the best of Ilhabela, discover the best beaches and the main tourist attractions, it is very important to have quality accommodation, so your good experience on the island will be perfect and complete. For that, count on the comfort and excellent locations of the hotels and inns of Velinn Chain of Hotels and Inns in Ilhabela. We are sure you will find the perfect option for incredible days in this wonderful destination. 

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