How about being a partner in a successful hotel chain?

Increase revenue and results from your hotel

With the velinn, which combines commercial management with technology and marketing, you will increase your sales, your average daily rate, your occupancy, reduce costs, optimize time and transform your hotel into a much more profitable business!
All this without changing anything in your business.

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About us

With more than 14 years of experience in hospitality and sales, in addition to over 10 years of experience in leisure tourism in one of the largest tourist centers in the world, Cancún, velinn was created to support hoteliers in increasing the average daily rate, achieving good occupancy, provide excellent service and organize your business with greater financial results. We make magic with technology, work and commitment!
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We increase Sales

We increase sales and rates

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We optimize results and time

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We make everyday life easier

You keep going You

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The most important...
velinn believes so much in its capabilities that it will be at risk along with the hotel!

You will only be paid if you reach targets, that is, if the hotel earns more.

Goals are agreed together...
...It's as simple as that and there's no catch!

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Independent hotel owners suffer from

Let's work together?

With the velinn partnership, you take your hotel to another level and become part of a network with know-how, from which we support you in a comprehensive and personalized way, professionalizing commercial management and the hotel.

The more the hotel earns, the more velinn earns…
…the more results the hotel has, the longer we will be together!

Results to be achieved:

Velinn Commitment


Bring benefits


Innovation and Technology


We add value

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Hotel Commitment


The 3 commercial pillars in one place


Commercial management

Guarantee of results



Affordable and cutting-edge



Strengthening our brands

How it works

We hold a first meeting to introduce velinn and collect information for a diagnosis of your hotel.
In a second meeting we will present the personalized proposal and sign the partnership contract.

Our setup team is responsible for configuring the systems, implementing the RM, starting the marketing plan and providing training, all during the 4-week implementation plan.

Results and sales start almost immediately, in the first week!

We will assign a relationship manager who will be your primary contact throughout our partnership.

You and he will have the support of our team of experts, technological tools, the reservation center and the entire velinn network to make your life better, simpler and to achieve the expected results together.


Top technology providers:

What our partners say

Main sales channels with which we have a good relationship:


Commercial management

With our team of experts, we help you increase the profitability of your hotel. We support you daily!



Implement the same technology as large chains in your hotel in an easy, simple and integrated way. Use the hotel's own systems, without being held hostage? at the end of the contract.

* Paid separately to the supplier



Let us take your hotel to the level of a hotel chain, with the ideal investment to bring results never achieved before.

*Up to 8 posts per month

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