Ilhabela: the sailing capital


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Ilhabela a capital da vela

Ilhabela: the sailing capital

Municipal sailing school in Ilhabela reveals talents in the sport.

In Ilhabela it is common for nautical sports to be the most common, because the waters are everywhere and, in the region, the wind collaborates for that. By the way, did you know that Ilhabela is the sailing capital? That's right, we received this title for the excellence of the wind and sea conditions of the São Sebastião channel. But as incredible as it may seem, Ilhabela never revealed an elite athlete for the sport, and shall we agree? It is past time for that to happen. 

Sailing School in Ilhabela

Ilhabela is the sailing capital and, if you look at the sea, you will see that sailboats help to compose the beauty of the scenery. In Ilhabela, the conditions for sailing are perfect, which is why the Lars Grael school has invested so much in the sailing gang. 

The outstanding athletes are Alex ?German? and Douglas Said, childhood friends who seek their space in sport. In July 2021, in Italy, both qualified for the Optimist World Championship, an entry-level sailing category for sailors up to 15 years old. An unprecedented event for Ilhabela, which became even more important with the title of Alex ?Alemão?, the first Brazilian champion of the class. In the same championship, Said took the 33rd position, also much applauded. 

It is worth noting that Lars Grael school has two interconnected buildings, spacious and modern accommodation, training and administrative rooms, in addition to a cafeteria and technical space for boats and materials. The place serves around 120 children and young people a year and also has an advanced nautical complex for holding relevant competitions on the national scene. Soon more athletes will come out to compete around the world and we will be here, applauding and full of pride. 

Sailing in Ilhabela for tourists

In Ilhabela, competition sails are mixed with sailing sails, affirming the greatness of the region for the sport. 

And it is with Caiçara Beach that you can practice this sport. Located in Praia do Perequê, the tour agency provides the best tourist tours in Ilhabela, guaranteeing the rental of kayaks, stand up, sailboats, Hawaiian canoes, off road, speedboats and much more.

Caiçara Beach still offers the sailing course. The basic course teaches the operation of the sailboat, its parts and components, how to assemble it, depart and return. is also taught


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