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Welcome to the paradise! Ilhabela is a marine archipelago with several islands, 40 beaches and 360 waterfalls, with attractions for those looking for rest, a beautiful day at the beach, outdoor activities, sports, ecotourism, history, gastronomy and much more! Get to know Ilhabela and its beaches, its history, sights and read important tips for your trip.

The Sailing Capital, as it is also known, only 15% is inhabited. The rest is of Atlantic Forest and beaches, some with small fishing villages where the only access is by sea or trails.

Ilhabela is 200 km from São Paulo, on the North Coast of the state, opposite Caraguatatuba and São Sebastião, from where the ferry to Ilhabela leaves.

It is different from most beach destinations we are used to and is among the most charming on the Brazilian coast. It has beautiful beaches with transparent water, in addition to contact with nature through trails and waterfalls that delight lovers of ecotourism. But Ilhabela has much more to offer: a rich and varied cuisine, nightlife, shops and, above all, all the infrastructure with our network of lodging facilities spread throughout the archipelago.

Dozens of these Ilhabela beaches, trails and waterfalls are located on a 44 km avenue that runs from North to South of the island. Does each place have its charm? We recommend that you come prepared to explore.

Our receptionists are specialists in Ilhabela and are equipped with maps and tips that will make your visit unforgettable.

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Ilhabela and its beaches

There are 40 beaches around the island, many of them accessible by car, others only by sea or trails. Learn more about Ilhabela's main beaches!

Ilhabela beaches

Curral Beach
2 minutes walk from Velinn Pousada Catamaran Brazil, in the south of the island, Praia do Curral is 620 m long and is, without a doubt, the most frequented and sought-after beach on the island. It conquers thousands of fans throughout the year with its nature added to the refinement of the bars that serve from a snack to international cuisine, they also serve boats with onboard service. At dusk, an unforgettable sunset takes over. Its extra attraction is the little chapel on top of the Curral stone.

Perequê Beach
It is the closest to Velinn Pousada Bromélias, where is the Velinn Pousada Praia do Pereque. The point for those who like sports and outdoor events, as it is where sporting events such as Aloha Spirit, XTterra and musical shows take place, attracting a high number of visitors. Due to its beauty, it has everything for a perfect postcard setting: blue sea, clear sand and tall coconut trees lined up along its length. In the late afternoon, the sunset completes this scenario, forming part of one of the most beautiful natural spectacles on the Island. It has a large infrastructure of kiosks, bars and restaurants.

Praia das Pedras Miúdas or Ilha das Cabras
Just 3 minutes from Velinn Caravela Pousada Ilhabela, towards the south, is the best spot on the island to see several species of ornamental fish and other marine inhabitants, such as turtles, rays, starfish and, if you're lucky, a seahorse. It is on this beach that the Underwater Ecological Sanctuary, Ilha das Cabras that can be reached by swimming, protected by hunting and underwater fishing law. The sea with its clear waters covers the small and rounded stones at the bottom, where the name of the beach comes from. It offers a good structure with bars, restaurants and a diving or snorkeling company.

Vila beach
The old buildings add to the charm of the village, as the Historic Center of Ilhabela is known. The small beach is in the historic center of Ilhabela and is more popular on low tide days, when the stones appear next to the coconut trees, creating an artistic look, where all the elements are part of this masterpiece that is a special place on the Island. It has a great pier for fishing and enjoying the sunset, where shows, concerts and exhibitions take place next door throughout the year. There are also several restaurants, bars and designer or craft stores.

Saco da Capela beach
This beach brings the contrast of the wide strip of sand with the crystal clear sea and the boats and sailboats anchored there, which becomes the true postcard of Ilhabela. THE Velinn Pousada Pontado Pequeah and Velinn Pousada dos Hibiscus are right next to this wonder. Sheltered from the currents and winds, countless sailboats and motorboats that are moored in the calm waters in front of the Pindá Yacht Club, make up an exuberant scenario. Its infrastructure of bars and restaurants by the sea are part of this unforgettable look. For those arriving by boat, entering the Island via the pier is the best option. It is next to the Historic Center, or village.

Itaquanduba beach
It is one of the central beaches of Ilhabela where the Velinn Pousada dos Marinheiros. Protected from winds and without waves, it is ideal for practicing paddle sports, such as stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) and canoeing. It is also popular for practicing sand sports at the end of the day, such as football, volleyball or beach tennis. For those who want to enjoy the view of the sunset, it is also worth a bike ride along the cycle path that cuts across the entire beachfront. The Porto Marina, with a restaurant and facilities for boats, is in the middle of the beach.

Santa Teresa beach
Maybe it's the calmest beach on the canal all year round, it's where the Velinn Hotel Santa Teresa, in the north, the most exclusive part of the island, but next to the Historic Center. With many trees along its shore and colorful canoes scattered along the sand, Santa Tereza Beach forms a charming setting for its visitors. There is also the headquarters of the Artisanal Fishermen's Association of Ilhabela. Several fishing and tour boats moored next to Píer dos Pescadores complete the landscape. The scenery of canoes and coconut trees form a spectacular sunset, especially between autumn and winter, when the sun sets right in front of the beach.

Bonete Beach
Known worldwide as one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, its access is only by sea, 30 minutes, or a trail of approximately 4 hours, which starts in the south of Ilhabela, in the Borrifos neighborhood, and ends in the piece of paradise that with sure it must be similar to Bonete. The light comes from a community generator or from solar panels, which is isolated from the rest of the island, with its own customs. Surfing is practiced daily. The river, the waterfall and the green around the beach make Bonete a charming place that you will definitely want to come back to. Consult our receptionists about boat trips to the beach!

And there's more, much more...

Big beach
In the south, it has several bars and restaurants, as well as aquatic leisure companies. Talking about Praia Grande is talking about diversity. You can choose between a walk on the sand, a cold beer in one of the many bars, a banana boat or disco ski ride, visit the little church, or simply enjoy a nice swim in the sea. The bars offer showers for bathing in the sand and the beach also has a sports court.

Jabaquara Beach
10 km north of Velinn Hotel Santa Tereza, the beach is undeniably beautiful, especially from the road, where you can enjoy the panoramic view. Well preserved, the beach is surrounded by trees and crossed by two streams, one at each end. The clear and clear water invites you to take a long swim in the sea. Leaving the village, the 17 km of the road follow the gradual change of scenery of the movement of the center, to the peace of more distant beaches surrounded by the natural fauna and flora. Consult our receptionists about boat trips to the beach!

Castelhanos beach
Awarded as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Brazil, Praia de Castelhanos is the favorite of the off road crowd. This is because the main access is through a 22km road that cuts through Ilhabela State Park, and only 4×4 vehicles, motorcycles or bicycles are allowed. For the more courageous, it is possible to do the trail on foot. The white sand beach with about 1.5 km in length and open sea with waves is famous for the photos from the top, which show its clear blue waters bay forming a heart, which can be seen from a viewpoint where you can reach it by a small trail in the corner of the beach. Consult our receptionists about boat or jeep trips to the beach!

Sino Beach
Praia de Garapocaia, better known as Pedra do Sino, has stones that emit sounds like church bells. It is one of the biggest attractions on the island, the scene of legends which are the reason for its name, in indigenous language, because when touched, the stones emit a bell sound. A walkway leads to the main stones from where they can be touched. The strip of sand is covered by tall palm trees and coconut trees, distributed along the beach. The calm water, small waves and shallow sea are part of one of the undisputed treasures of the Island, excellent for families with children. THE Velinn Hotel Santa Teresa is just 2 km.

Praia da Feiticeira
Beach very frequented by families and sports and diving practitioners, it is 1.5 km from Velinn Pousada Refúgio da Harmonia, towards the south of the island. The colors of the kitesurf sails contrast with the facade of the old sugar cane mill at Fazenda São Mathias. It is worth finding the path that takes you to this beach. Upon arrival, a small stream bathes your feet. The beach is surrounded by coconut trees and parasols that complete the mystical and paradisiacal look.

Armação Beach
If you are passionate about water sports, this is your beach! There is Vila Salga, in addition to the high cuisine on the beach, it is a very popular place for weddings on the island. Access to the beach is via a small trail, as it is a beach that is not visible from the avenue. Located next to the Ponta das Canas lighthouse, one of the postcards of Ilhabela, very frequented by yachtsmen, sailors and windsurfing and kitesurfing practitioners. Crossed by two streams, it is one of the busiest beaches for those who enjoy nautical sports, without leaving aside the shade of coconut trees and parasols that are part of this unique scenario. THE Velinn Hotel Santa Teresa is just 3 km.

Hunger Beach
Located on the north side of the island, inhabited by locals and accessible only by sea or walking trail with a guide. With 150 meters of extension, cut by two streams, it is ideal for the practice of diving, for its transparent waters. Formerly it was the main point of slave trade, in the place where the ruins of a slave quarters became a summer house. The name ?Praia da Fome? it comes from the story that slaves were fed there after a long and precarious journey from Africa and then sold according to their weight. Consult our receptionists about schooner or boat trips to this beach!

Juliao Beach
2 km away from Velinn Pousada Refúgio da Harmonia, it offers some structure such as tents and a restaurant. You can't see it from the road. There is a small trail, 3 minutes away, where you reach a paradise hideout. With 250 meters in length, this beach is ideal for those with small children. With a simple diving mask, you can already consider yourself privileged to see species that hide between the rocks at the ends of the beach. Marine life shows itself in all its beauty in various shapes and colors.

Siriuba Beach
5 minutes north of the Historic Center, is Praia da Siriúba. Between the Viana beach and Pedra do Sino, with coconut trees that separate the wide strip of sand from the road, this beach is 550 meters long. In its right corner, on the stones, is the Siriúba Chapel, built in 1931. Velinn Hotel Santa Teresa is just 1 km.
Want to know more about Ilhabela Beaches and what to do on the island? visit the Ilhabela.com.br.

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