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Tips for camping in Ilhabela

Essential accessories ? Of course it depends on the weather you will be camping, but we usually recommend repellent and sunscreen; Pocket flashlight and electric lantern in case you don't stay next to the lighting; Lighter; ?Swiss? with scissors, corkscrew, tweezers, etc.; Toilet paper (extra); Cooking and barbecue items such as cutlery, plates, glasses, pans and utensils ready for camping, as well as tapware and masking tape to put your name on (the Camping has a communal kitchen with stove and refrigerator, without any utensils); Thermal insulation or mattress, in addition to the sleeping bag; bed and bath linen; Plastic bags for garbage and wet clothes; First aid kit with antiallergic, anti-inflammatory, merthiolate and antipyretic…

Electric extension ? If you need power outlets next to the tent, we strongly advise you to bring an extension cord of at least 10 meters. Also take a benjamin (te) to put in the socket if it is already in use by someone else. There are sockets scattered around the campsite, but not one for each tent.

Cordiality and respect ? Inside the campsite, it is normal for people to be more cordial, helpful and friendly. Friendliness is one of the values that is associated with campers. They help each other, talk, say good morning, smile, are friendly, help and let themselves be helped. Coming together is more enjoyable and makes the experience more pleasant. Respect the schedules and spaces of other campers and they will respect yours!

What else?

Rent or buy the first tent? ? Your tent is your home, it is your comfort zone and it has the function of sheltering and protecting you. Some let rain pass through the seams and fabrics or are too hot for lack of ventilation. Before you buy your tent, know that quality is directly related to value. At the Velinn Camping Ilhabela you have the option where you already include the tent mounted with mattress, in case you don't want to buy or bring your own.

choice of location ? By the time you arrive at the campsite, there will probably be a multitude of places where you can place your tent. Ask the camping staff which is the best spot and…

don't be shy about asking other campers for help as well. If it is very full, the staff will be able to indicate where to mount it for better organization of the camping. If you already have the tent included in your reservation, it will be assembled and ready with mattress in an exclusive place. Don't forget the bedding!

Tent Assembly ? If you're bringing your own, assemble it at home first, so you can familiarize yourself with the equipment and check it out. Even so, if you have difficulties camping, more experienced campers will be happy to help, as will the staff. It's always an opportunity to make new friends. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or an expert, pitch your tent right: Don't throw the overhead; secure all attachment points; and, place all the strings and pegs (ferrinhos) on the floor. If you are going to arrive late, set up your tent far away, so as not to disturb or be disturbed.

closed tent ? It's a simple attitude: enter closes the mosquito net, leave closes the tent. Some insects can get in if you leave it open. In addition, there will be neighbors with children and pets who can also enter the tent if it is open. Keep valuables with you or in the reception safe. Remember, the campsite is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

And also...

Animals at the campsite ? They can have dogs, cats and chickens in the camping area that help to scare away insects and other crawling animals. If you want to bring your pet, they will be welcome, as long as you follow the rules for pet. If you don't get along with animals in general, you may prefer to stay at one of our hotels further down.

 ? The campsite is next to the waterfall, approximately 1 km from Praia do Perequê, one of the most popular on the island. It takes 15 to 20 minutes on foot and 3 to 5 by car. There is a bus stop right in front or bicycles are often available for rent on site. Everything is easy in Ilhabela…

Helps a lot make a CheckList of equipment so as not to forget anything, 
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In the most, it is to enjoy and enjoy people and nature.

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?Take an adventurous spirit, do everything with your heart, breathe nature, sleep to the sound of the waterfall, preserve and respect the place, and above all, come back more often!?

?Camping is to relax, don't stress about the unforeseen? they happen! Over time you will acquire experiences and minimize them.?

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