What to do at Praia do Pequeá in Ilhabela


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o que fazer na praia do pequea em ilhabela

What to do at Praia do Pequeá in Ilhabela

THE Praia do Pequeá in Ilhabela offers a great infrastructure and can be an excellent option for you to enjoy during your stay on the most beautiful island of São Paulo. 

Do you have your vacation booked or are you planning a weekend of rest? So know all about Praia do Pequeá in Ilhabela and live unforgettable days during your period of rest and leisure in one of the most famous regions of the north coast of São Paulo. 

Praia do Pequeá in Ilhabela 

THE Praia do Pequeá in Ilhabela It is perfect for those who love a natural umbrella, without having to carry the parasol under their arm. The trees named ?beach hat? are in charge of making a cool shade so that their visitors can enjoy the day with more comfort.

It is a very popular beach and this is due to its excellent bar and restaurant infrastructure, providing more convenience to visitors throughout the day.

Praia do Pequeá is in the central region of Ilhabela, between the beaches of the Water Mill and Saco da Capela, 1.5 km away from the village, following the road towards the north.

Known by former residents as Campo de Aviação, this stretch of the island has a sea of calm waters and a good stretch of sand. It is a great option to enjoy the day with the family, sail, practice stand up paddle and risk beach tennis, the sport of the moment. 

We cannot fail to inform you that the Municipal Sailing School Lars Grael is located on this beach, where the children of the city can learn sailing sports, we have already talked about it in this post, do you remember? At Praia do Pequeá there are also nautical events, such as the Single Type Sailing Week and the Ilhabela Boat Show.

It is also worth mentioning that a 30-meter pier signals the beginning of the beach and is a good place for fishing. In fact, they say that is where we have the opportunity to observe an incredible sunset, one of the most beautiful in Ilhabela.

Accommodation in Ilhabela

For your stay in Ilhabela, close to the beach, we suggest Velinn Pousada Ponta do Pequeah, which offers a lot of comfort, excellent service, leisure area with swimming pool, a great breakfast and a sensational view. 

Curious? Then go to site from the inn to find out more and organize your trip now. You will fall in love with this stretch of the island. 


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