What to do in the center of Angra dos Reis


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what to do in the center of angra dos reis

What to do in the center of Angra dos Reis

Angra dos Reis is a destination famous for its hundreds of islands and boat trips. The region is very frequented by tourists from all corners of the world, famous and lovers of diving and nature. But beyond the boat trips through the islands of Angra and the city's most famous beaches, those who visit the destination for the first time are a little lost on what to do in the region. And that's why we're going to share tips and ideas in this post with what to do in the center of Angra dos Reis, accompany us in reading?

Angra dos Reis Center

Angra dos Reis It's one of the most popular destinations in Rio de Janeiro, and this excitement doesn't just happen at sea, but on land as well. This is because the region has famous clubs, restaurants, bars and parties. Calm down, leisure is not dedicated only to young people or partygoers, it has attractions for all tastes and ages and we will show you. 

Historic Center of Angra 

Let's start talking about Historic Center of Angra dos Reis? This is, without a doubt, the first tourist spot in the region to be remembered. With historic architecture, highlighting Rua do Comércio and the Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora da Conceição, we are sure you will be enchanted and take many photos. 

Santa Luzia Pier

It is at the Cais de Santa Luzia that you will find leisure options for the nights in Angra dos Reis. The tour can start in the late afternoon, after all, walking on the Cais de Santa Luzia and watching the sun go down is a spectacle on its own. It is after this phenomenon that the attractions invite you to enjoy the streets and the cool breeze under the starry sky.

Cais de Santa Luzia is an extension of the Port of Angra dos Reis and is located in the center of the destination, with seaside restaurants, bars with live music and a privileged view of the marina. A few steps away is the Convento do Carmo and Praça do Porto Park, where cultural events take place, worth checking out.

Accommodation in Angra dos Reis

After enjoying the days on the islands and beaches and the nights in the streets of Angra, nothing better than a good inn to rest and enjoy the warmth next to those who accompany you on this trip. 

THE Velinn Costa Verde Reserve it's that place. Located between the Atlantic Forest and the sea, it offers an incredible view that can be enjoyed at any time of the day, whether while enjoying the pool, having breakfast or even from your bedroom window. 

every corner of Velinn Costa Verde Reserve proposes contact with nature, awakens the best feelings that can exist in a person and guarantees an excellent and unforgettable experience in Angra dos Reis

Access the site to learn more and plan your trip, you will fall in love.


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