Boat trip in Angra dos Reis: an essential tour


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boat trip in Angra dos Reis an essential trip

Boat trip in Angra dos Reis: an essential tour

Angra dos Reis is an incredible destination and much coveted by tourists from all corners of the world, and it is not for less, the municipality consists of 365 islands and a small port surrounded by a steep and wooded coastline. Angra dos Reis is famous for its numerous beaches and the biodiversity of Ilha Grande, the largest of them. With this information, you already know that the boat tour in Angra dos Reis It's essential, isn't it? Did you get excited? So let's find out more about him. 

Boat trip in Angra dos Reis

Whether on a boat ride, also called a schooner, or a speedboat, fun and beautiful scenery are guaranteed in Angra dos Reis, no matter what your itinerary is. The tours include stops for swimming and diving in the sea, as well as the opportunity to take lots of photos to keep as a souvenir! 

THE boat tour in Angra dos Reis it is fun, charming and full of good surprises, after all, it passes through paradisiacal places with a very rich marine life.  

It is impossible to know all the beaches and islands of Angra dos Reis in a single tour, so it is very important to have an agency or a tour guide that will help you put together the perfect itinerary, thinking about the weather of the day, tide, between so many other aspects.  

We can say that among the most important stops are Ilha Grande, Praia do Dentista, Ilha da Jipóia, Ilha Botinas, Ilha Cataguases, Praia das Flechas, Lagoa Azul, among many others.  

For those who want to know the famous Praia de Lopes Mendes, elected one of the 10 most beautiful in Brazil, it is worth mentioning this desire to the guide. It is located on Ilha Grande and the tour takes all day, about 9 hours long. 

There are different options for boat tour in Angra dos Reis and the important thing is that you know that, regardless of the choice of script, one thing is certain: you will be amazed.

Accommodation in Angra dos Reis

For an even more special experience in Angra dos Reis, how about staying at Velinn Reserva Costa Verde, with very comfortable rooms, top quality service, impeccable breakfast, pet friendly and an incredible view of the sea and the mountains, you will live days of great rest and comfort. 

We are sure that you will live an incredible experience in one of the most coveted regions in Brazil. He comes!     


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