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Tips and Rules for Pets

We love pets, so your pet will be very welcome at most Velinn hotels.

Find out which accommodations and hotels are free, in which there are costs, in which are not allowed and the rules for a good get-together. read our FAQ!

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Tips for traveling with your pet

More and more people want to spend their holidays with their pets. Here are some tips for a worry-free vacation. 

Don't forget to bring:
– Guide, collar and, in some cases, muzzle.
– Ration in adequate quantity for every day of the vacation. There are pet shops and markets that sell them, but it is not guaranteed that you will find your favorite brand.
– Pots for water and food, in addition to other utensils such as toys, towels and bed, as we do not have a kennel.
– Transport cage. See current traffic laws so that transportation to the hotel is safe.
– Documents, such as registration, vaccination card and health certificate issued by the veterinarian, are basic items for any trip within the law.
– Basic pharmacy recommended by the veterinarian for emergencies. Consult your vet so that vaccines and deworming are up to date. It is important to be careful against heartworm disease, known as ?Heart Worm?.
Heads up: We recommend that you do not take your pet to the beach. In addition to your pet being exposed to diseases is against the law, you run the risk of being fined and getting into arguments with other users on the beach.

Frequently asked questions - FAQ

Yes, we are Pet Friendly, that is, we welcome animals with great pleasure in some hotels and in some specific rooms, as long as they are sociable with other pets and humans.

In hotels that accept them, we do not have a kennel or special space for pets, they stay with guests in the room.

These hotels do not specialize in animals, but their facilities welcome them as long as the Rules of Conduct and Accommodation are followed. 

See further down on this page the Rules and Values to host your pet with you.

The charging of fees by hotels is because there are higher costs for cleaning products, longer time between stays to act correctly and special care, especially when the room is not exclusive to guests with pets.

We take this care both for the smell, which many people don't like, and for cleaning the room, as allergic people or even other pets can come. We don't want any risk of disease transmission, do we?!

There is a lot of care that is expensive, costs that we do not add to the normal rates so there is no injustice with guests who do not travel with pets. See values below.

Some hotels offer as a special courtesy the accommodation of the 1st pet in specific rooms because they are more airy, some are exclusive to receive guests with pets and others have their own internal space for pets.

It is important to note that even in these hotels, only in some rooms they are free or accepted, so you should always notify the arrival of the pet in advance.

The 2nd and other animals pay a fee for the reasons described in the previous question and because it is the chain's policy. See values below.

Whether it's the type of hotel, the furniture, decoration or floors inside the rooms, or even the guests who don't like animals know that there will be no pets, some hotels and rooms are not prepared for them.

If the hotel is Pet Friendly, but some rooms described below would not normally receive them, we may make exceptions with extra fees. In these cases, there are high costs that are passed on to the guest, including not occupying the accommodation for 24 or 48 hours after check-out.

In hotels that do not accept them, only guide dogs can enter by law. There are no other exceptions in these cases.

Find out which ones are below.

In some hotels there are size restrictions. The rules below are more specific.

The values do not change by the size of the pet. Whether small or medium, as long as the accommodation accepts them, the values are the same.

There is a limitation of quantity according to the accommodation, but all accept up to 2 pets. If you want to bring more, please contact us.

The more pets the greater the care, risks, costs and concerns of the team, so each pet pays a fee for hosting, just like humans. 

See values below.

This document forms an integral part of the Regulation | Contract - ANNEX 2

Pet Rules on Velinn Network

1) Rules for Reservations and Values

Notify the arrival of the mascot in advance, preferably on booking or no later than 3 days before check-in, in writing, otherwise the pet may be denied entry or extra fees charged.
pets are welcome at the following hotels and accommodations. See which ones are complimentary and which charge a fee.

WILL BE COURTESY special for the 1st pet in some accommodations. From the 2nd there will be a fee of R$ 50.00 per day, per pet. See where they will be charged from the 1st pet below:
   ? Velinn Pousada Bromélias ? Pets of any size in the Luxury Room and Family Suite. Standard and Queen rooms will be charged from the 1st pet.
   ? Velinn Pousada dos Marinheiros ? Small and medium-sized pets in the Standard Double Room and the 2-Bedroom Suite. Other accommodations will be charged from the 1st pet.
   ? Velinn Camping Ilhabela ? Animals of any size only in the empty space, in their own tent. They will not be accepted in the Accommodation, Cabin or Tent of the camping.

A FEE OF R$ 50.00 will be charged per day, per pet:
   ? Velinn Caravela Pousada Ilhabela ? Small animals in all accommodations.
   ? Velinn Hotel Santa Teresa Ilhabela ? Small animals in all accommodations.
   ?  Velinn Pousada Chalé Suisso ? Small pets in all accommodations.
   ? Velinn Pousada Recanto da Villa ? Small pets in all accommodations.

   ? Velinn Pousada Praia do Pereque
   ? Velinn Pousada Ponta do Pequeah
   ? Velinn Pousada Villa Caiçara
   ? Velinn Retiro Canto da Mata
   ? Velinn Pousada 8 Ilhas 
   ? Velinn Camping Ilhabela
 in the Lodging, Cabin or Tent of the camping.

Heads up: Animals found inside the accommodation without reservation and/or without being described in the registration form will be removed from the property and there will be a fine, as described below.
In hotels where they accept them, when the arrival of the animal is not notified in advance (without prior pet reservation confirmed in writing by the hotel) or your reservation is in accommodation category different from those described above, who are not ready to receive them, and make a point of staying with your pet, the hotel may or may not make an exception, but always mandatory fee will be charged for a minimum of two nights, between R$ 200.00 and R$ 1,200.00 per day, depending on the season, in addition to applying all the rules described here.

To include your pet in your booking, Click here.

2) Rules of Conduct and Accommodation

IT'S entry prohibited and/or permanence of animals in the areas breakfast and from the pools.

While in the common area, that is, outside the accommodation, the animal must be always with leash and leash in the hand or lap of an adult responsible. It cannot be loose in any way in the common areas of the property.

Please, bring bags for walks through the garden and common areas.

No may climb on beds and furniture accommodation or common areas.

As spaces and accommodations are close together and there will be other guests in common areas, only polite animals will be allowed, silent and that do not transmit fear. Barking, meowing and noises, including the screams of guests to control their animal, at any time, especially at night, are prohibited and must be contained. If, when the animal is in the accommodation or in the common areas, it starts barking, meowing or making noises, the guest will be informed and silently must stay with their animal to calm it down or take it for a walk outside the property.

In case of discomfort or fear on the part of any hotel guest due to the presence of the animal, whether adult or child, the animal should be removed area and kept away from the guest. If necessary, he must be confined to the accommodation.

Any damage done, inside or outside the accommodation, will be the responsibility of the guest, even if they urinate on bedding and mattresses. Cleaning fees and/or replacement/purchase of damaged items will be charged to those responsible.

Races considered dangerous or wild animals shall muzzle while in common areas.

Every day must be Combined at the reception the cleaning time of accommodation. For this, the animal must be removed to the entrance of the chambermaids. If a time is not agreed or the animal is not removed at the agreed time, the accommodation cannot be cleaned and a surcharge will be charged R$ 65.00 per day. The default time is between 10:00 and 14:00. Daily cleaning of the accommodation is mandatory, except in pandemic season, when it will be optional. Housekeepers will not enter the accommodation for cleaning with pets without written authorization from the guest and agreement of the management.

will not be responsibility of the property contracted diseases, nor loss or accidents with the animal, inside or outside the hotel, even when cleaning.

Unspayed females that are in heat suffer a drop in immunity and also release pheromones that make other pets aggressive. We recommend that you do not travel with her, but if you do, you should leave her confined in the accommodation.

Animals must be accompanied by health certificate issued by a veterinarian proving health and compliance with sanitary measures, with emphasis on proof of rabies immunization. Please see the Normative Instruction No. 18 for more details.

THE permanence at the hotel will be denied, the animals will be removed and the Reservation and Cancellation Policies in force to the guest will be applied, as well as extra daily rates, fees, reimbursements and/or fines, if:
The) any of the above rules are not complied with and/or there is insistence on its non-compliance;
B) found inside the property, mainly in the accommodation, animals without reservation advance confirmed in writing by the hotel or animals not discriminated against on the Registration Form during check-in without payment of the pet fee
c) possible contagions to other animals or people when the good health status of your animal is not proven via certificate; and,
d) medical and legal expenses in case of attack and/or transmission of diseases to guests or other animals.
WARNING: See more details and the values of the fines at Internal Regulation/Contract.

It is decisively entry prohibited or permanence of animals, either for  accommodationvisits or Velin Club, on the following properties:
   ? Velinn Pousada Praia do Pereque
   ? Velinn Pousada Ponta do Pequeah
   ? Velinn Pousada Villa Caiçara
   ? Velinn Retiro Canto da Mata
   ? Velinn Pousada 8 Ilhas 

The rules described here are to protect guests, their pets and for everyone to have a comfortable and happy stay.
We hope you enjoy your stay with us as much as we did welcoming you!

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