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Reservation, Cancellation and Regulation/Contract Policies

Are you staying at Velinn Camping Ilhabela? Know all the details.

     | To read the Regulations for Hotels and Inns, Click here.

Carefully read our Reservation and Cancellation Policies and our Regulations.


How to pay for your reservation?
? Depósito, PIX, Transferência ou TED.
? Credit card: Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and American Express.
 the credit card holder? You must present the original card used to make the reservation(s) at check-in. The front will be photographed or copied to file.
Not the cardholder used to make the reservation? You will need to submit a Cardholder Authorization in advance. See what is needed clicking here.

Booking / Standard Payment Method:
free cancellation
? Standard rate: 50% down payment at booking and the balance at check-in without discounts.

Reservations / Special Payment Methods:
? Discounted and ?Non-Refundable? rate: cash payment of 100% on booking confirmation.
? Standard Rate: Up to 6 installments on credit card without discount.
? ?Last Minute? and Walk In (sales counter without reservation): Payment at check-in (arrival) or, in some cases, at check-out (departure) with credit card pre-authorisation.
? Reservations made in advance, payment can be made in as many times as possible until check in. (deposit and/or bank slip)
? Vouchers purchased from partners, agencies and third parties: Cannot be canceled or changed at the hotel, only with partners in accordance with policies.

Payment deadlines:
Reservation deposits or telephone contact for credit cards must be made within the following deadlines:
? If the entry is in 3 days or more, the deadline is 1 day after the reservation is made.
? If the entry is in 2 days or less, the deadline is 2 hours after the reservation is made. The deposit must be in cash at the cashier, via PIX or via transfer between the same banks. In this case, deposits with envelopes or DOCs will not be accepted. The amount must be in the account immediately after the transaction.
Please send the scanned receipt with your name and booking dates by email ([email protected]) as soon as the deposit is made.
After the stipulated period has passed and/or the deposit is not identified, we may cancel the reservation and release the space, tent or bed in the accommodation for sale, according to the policy below.

? Empty Space or Camping Tent: One child under 6 years old will be accommodated free of charge if accompanied by a paying adult. Does not include mattress.
? Cabin: There is no courtesy for children. A maximum of 2 people can sleep, including children and babies.
? Cama no Alojamento: Não são aceitas crianças menores de 6 anos. Atenção: Não poderá dormir mais que 1 (uma) pessoa por cama, inclusive crianças maiores de 7 anos.

Check-in: from 14:00
Departure (Check out): until 13:00
Especial Velinn: Poderá permanecer na área do camping após o check out até às 18:00 como cortesia, desde que desmontada e guardada a barraca ou liberada a acomodação até às 13:00. Consulte se este serviço está disponível no check in por ser uma cortesia limitada a algumas datas.
Set up of tents: from 8:00 to 22:00
Breakfast: from 8:30 to 10:30 ? Not included in the daily rate. Served at Velinn Pousada Bromélias next door. (Available by prior consultation)
Reservation center: From 8:00 to 22:00. 24-hour online reservations, Click here.
* We reserve the right to change schedules without prior notice for operational reasons or on special dates. Check your booking confirmation and/or reception!

Documents needed to check-in
You must present:
booking voucher issued and sent to your email by the agency or website where you booked. Will be copied or photographed by reception.
Original identity documents of all guests to check-in (ID, CNH or Passport). Will be copied or photographed by reception.
Are you a minor or are you traveling with children under the age of 16? Presenting the minor's identity document at check-in is mandatory, as well as travel authorization, if necessary. If one of the parents is absent, it is necessary to present an accommodation authorization made in their own hand, signed by the absent parent and notarized at the time of check-in. If neither parent is present, authorization issued by a Judge must be presented at the request of the parents.
?Is it prohibited for children or teenagers to stay in a hotel, motel, pension, camping or similar establishment, unless authorized or accompanied by their parents or guardians? ? See exceptions in Title III, Chapter II, Section II and III, Art. 82 and 83 of the Child and Adolescent Statute. Read here: Law 8069 of 07/13/1990.
Original Credit Card or Billing Authorization ? The original credit card used to make the reservation must be presented at check-in. If the card does not belong to a guest who will be present at check-in, when making the reservation, you must send a Authorization for Credit Card Collection on behalf of third parties signed by the cardholder with legible copies of the cardholder's credit card and ID. If the card is not presented or the authorization with documents is sent in advance, the campsite will charge the reservation again at check-in and then request a refund of the previous payment. We reserve the right to request authorization to charge the credit card, even if it is the holder, when the values of the reservation(s) are high; or, multiple accommodations on the same card; or, of several cards in the same reservation.
Heads up: If the documents listed above are not presented at check-in, especially documents for minors, the campsite may cancel your reservation without the right to a refund and call the police to ensure the safety of children, staff and other guests. 

Service charge:
The 10% service charge is not included in the booking price, which will be charged at check-in. It is standard in hotels, as well as in restaurants, it is optional and will be divided among the team that served them. It has always existed in international and national hotels, as in the movies where the porter stretched out his hand, but more than 10 years ago it became formal, paid at reception and highlighted on your statement!

Reservations will only be guaranteed upon payment of the down payment or credit card pre-authorization. Authorization for charging by the card operator, as well as sending the deposit slip (when made) are the only ways to identify your payment. Avoid canceling your reservation!
By booking it will mean that you are in agreement with the regulations, rules and policies described below.


THE camping responsibility is to guarantee the space or the category of accommodation chosen in the specific dates booked described on the voucher, in addition tothe items and infrastructure included to ensure the guest experience in accordance with the descriptions, policies, rules and regulations available on the voucher and on this website.
THE guest responsibility is to guarantee payment for the reserved dates, in addition to guaranteeing your presence on these dates according to the number of people, policies, rules and regulations, which you have the right to reflect for 7 days after you have made the reservation and regret within this period without penalty, as long as it does not exceed 11:00 am on the day of check-in or in accordance with the policies described in the voucher or on this website.
it's not responsibility of the camping or guest's right the change of dates or the cancellation of the reservation, outside the deadlines established in the voucher or described herein, when requested by cases of illness, accidents, weather forecast, canceled events, arrival delays or other fortuitous cases, when there is no control of the hotel or the guest about what happened or the situation. These cases, even when proven, will not be considered if outside the voucher policies, the website or outside the rules and regulations available here. The cases of Force Majeure do not exclusively fit here, which are the Prince's Fact, war and natural disaster, whenever proven and made official by the government. In case of
lockdown, read COVID-19 policy.
Heads up when choosing the fare Not refundable
cheapest, as it will not give you the right to cancel. Choose this rate only when, outside the change deadline, your arrival is guaranteed or have someone to transfer the reservation to on the chosen dates.
Exceptions may or may not be made to the policies described here, provided that a fine of at least 50% of the reservation amount is paid if notified 24 hours before check-in, but only for date changes when there will never be refunds. Each request will be analyzed by the responsible sector, which can accept or deny, but there will always be a fine. The amount paid by the guest is exclusive for the specific dates booked, not valid for other dates. Forward your voucher and request to [email protected]

Therefore, these are the cancellation and change policies for valid reservations according to the chosen channel and rates:

Reservations made by Travel Agencies and OTAs (third-party websites)
The policies of the travel agency, third-party website or partners, such as Booking.com, Decolar, Hoteis.com, Expedia, Hurb, CVC, Best Day, Agoda, among many others, will apply.
Changes and cancellations must be requested directly from where the reservation was made or the voucher purchased. Please check your booking confirmation or voucher for valid policies and available contact channels.
Não poderá ser solicitado cancelamento ou alterações de datas pela central Velinn ou diretamente no camping, mas estaremos sempre disponíveis para dúvidas e pedidos especiais. Poderão haver diferenças entre a política do camping e da agência, pelo que prevalecerá a da agência por onde foi feita a reserva.
Obs.: O contrato do camping com estas agências/sites não permite que o camping ou a Velinn cancele ou altere as reservas para segurança do hóspede e para que lhe seja assegurada a reserva, mesmo quando o pagamento tenha sido feito para o camping.
In the absence of specific and own policies available to the guest, the policies below will be considered.

As reservas feitas pelos canais diretos da Velinn ou do camping, como o site e motor de reservas Hbook, e-mail, telefone, Central de Reservas, chat e redes sociais do camping, seguirão as seguintes políticas:

Padrão (exceto datas abaixo e Não Reembolsáveis):
O cancelamento / reagendamento da reserva poderá ser realizado com até 7 dias de antecedência, após esta data as reservas passam a ser Não Reembolsáveis, conforme política mais abaixo.

Padrão para Feriados, Réveillon, Carnaval, Festas e Festivais (exceto datas acima e Não Reembolsáveis):
O cancelamento / reagendamento da reserva poderá ser realizado: com até 30 dias de antecedência, após esta data haverá cobrança/multa de 50% da reserva; e, com 7 dias antes do check in as reservas passam a ser Não Reembolsáveis, conforme política mais abaixo. 
Heads up: Are considered Holidays federal, state and municipal holidays of origin and destination, and the 2 days before and 2 days after the holiday are included in this policy, even if it does not include the holiday itself.

Non-Refundable | Promo Rate | NR:
Em todos os seguintes casos: Tarifas e valores promocionais, especiais ou com desconto | Pacotes e vouchers adquiridos em parceiros (compra coletiva) | Promoções e Valor Promocional | Formas de pagamentos especiais, diferenciados e parcelados | Convênios e Clubes de Férias | Reagendamento | ?Non-Refundable? | No Show | NR | Desistência da estada | Tarifa e reservas Não Reembolsáveis | Se já ocorrido o check in | Nos prazos descritos nas demais políticas Padrão ? Não será possível cancelar ou alterar a reserva. Multa de 100% do valor da estada.

No Show (no show):
If there is no formal notice and the check-in does not take place within 12 hours after the initial date and time reserved, the accommodation will be released for resale without the right to refund the amounts paid. Avoid losing your reservation and let us know in case of delay.

Cancellation of stay:
In the following cases: On arrival | After check-in (entry) | Early departure for any reason ? It will not entitle you to any type of refund, refund or credit on daily rates, resulting in the total loss of the amount paid and the obligation to pay 100% of the package value or reserved/requested daily rates. Reservations become Non-Refundable, as per the policy above.

? Reservations paid with credit cards within the cancellation period: After a formal request, the request for a total or partial refund will be made within 3 business days. The credit card company and/or your bank may take up to 60 days to credit the refund to your card statement. It will not be possible to make a refund in cash or via deposit.
? Reservations paid via deposit, PIX, transfer, DOC or TED within the cancellation period: The deposit of the total or partial return will be made exclusively to the depositor's account within 7 working days.

COVID-19 – Pandemic, quarantine and/or state of calamity (lockdown from the hotel industry)
Rescheduling and Letter of Credit: Given the state of calamity caused by COVID-19, during the quarantine periods imposed by the public authorities (lockdown), when and only if the hotel business is prevented from operating, all reservations may be changed to future dates for a period of up to 12 or 18 months after the end of the state of calamity. A new date or a Letter of Credit may be requested, when the tariff values in force on our website at the time of request will be considered. access velinn.com/pravc and change the date or request a letter of credit.
Cancellation: Çpursuant to Law 14,046, cso opt for total or partial cancellation of reservations for dates within quarantine periods (lockdown), where there is an impediment to the provision of the hosting service by the government, the refund will not be guaranteed. In the specific cases in the law described above, the refund of the amounts paid, deducting the agency fees, can and will be made within 12 months after the extinction of the state of calamity and provided that the hotel cannot provide the service on other dates. An email must be sent with the voucher and the cancellation request for analysis to [email protected]
know more on here or read the Law 14046.
Heads up: For reservations made after March 2020, the cancellation policies on your voucher and/or described on this page will apply, as long as there is no impediment for the hotel to provide the service, when you can choose to reschedule the reservation. The lockdown of other services is not an impediment to accommodation, unless it is access to destinations, such as roads, ferries and airports, when necessary.

Heads up: Todas as reservas podem ser canceladas ou reagendadas durante o período de sete dias após a confirmação, independente da política, desde que não ultrapasse as 11:00 do dia do check in. Após este prazo, e desde que não tenha efetuado o check in no período, entram em vigor as Políticas de Cancelamento acima descritas, conforme regras do Código de Defesa do Consumidor. Reagendamentos, alterações de datas e cartas de crédito não fazem parte desta regra, pelo que serão consideradas não reembolsáveis.

Camping Regulations / Contract

Read carefully and have a peaceful stay at Velinn Camping Ilhabela.

 – To read the Regulations for Hotels and Inns, Click here.

By booking it will mean that I read it and I totally agree with:
    The) you Pet Rules | pets;
    B) at Privacy Policies;
    ç) at Club Velinn Rules and Restrictions;
    d) at Security Protocols; and,
   and) this regulation/contract, as follows:

01- A vida, organização e normas de comportamento do Velinn Camping Ilhabela serão regidas por este regulamento. A direção, administração e operação do camping e do parque são de responsabilidade do Ilha da Aventura Eco Parque. As vendas e recepção são de responsabilidade da Velinn. Ao reservar significa que li e estou de acordo com este regulamento, contrato, políticas de cancelamento e política de reservas.

02- The direction of the Camping reserves the right to indicate the camping areas, preventing the use of inconvenient places to its good use.

03- De acordo com critérios da direção do Camping, não será aceita a permanência de pessoas que atentem contra a moral e os bons costumes. É um camping familiar com crianças. Respeite este regulamento, as leis locais e os demais campistas.

04- Domestic animals are only welcome in their own tents and provided that:
   The. Followed the rules in full at the following link: velinn.com/pets.
   B. They will be under the full responsibility of whoever carries them. The management may request the removal of the animal, either due to risk, noise or at its discretion.
   ç. Só serão permitidos animais de pequeno e médio porte, até 15 Kg, e devem estar sempre presos por coleiras e guias, jamais podem ficar soltos.
   d. Não serão permitidos animais que ofereçam riscos a outros hóspedes e animais. Traga focinheira se necessário.
   and. Any damage caused to other guests or to the Camping will be the full responsibility of the person responsible for the stay and/or the animal.
   f. A pet fee of R$20.00 per day per pet must be paid at check in. One animal per tent may be exempt as long as it is notified at the time of booking and confirmed by the campsite.
Heads up: Hóspedes das cabanas, alojamentos e barracas alugadas pelo camping não podem trazer pets.
Click here for Pet Tips and Rules

05- Para a tranquilidade de todos, fica estabelecido o horário de silêncio das 22:00 às 8:00 horas. É vetado o ingresso de campistas para montar barraca durante esse período. Poderá ser disponibilizado pela direção barraca do Camping já montada, com custo extra, ou espaço alternativo que deverá ser liberado até às 8:00, caso disponível. Em algumas datas comemorativas, o horário de silêncio poderá ser diferente em decorrência de festas locais, feriados, Réveillon e Carnaval. Verifique com a recepção a programação.

06- The use of the camping facilities is the sole responsibility of the users, and the direction is not responsible for any accident or health problems that may occur. The Security Protocols in relation to COVID-19 must be followed, at this link velinn.com/covid-19.

07- The daily rate starts at 2:00 pm and ends at 1:00 pm on the following day or check-out date, depending on the reservation. A tolerance of 15 minutes will be accepted. After this period, an additional daily rate will be charged from the Standard table, without discounts. To extend your stay, you must go to reception before 1:00 pm for availability and prices. 

08- The daily rates for Velinn Camping Ilhabela guests include solely and exclusively the use of the following facilities: camping area consistent with the number of people in the tent, 220v power point, parking near the entrance to the campsite, barbecues, communal bathrooms and showers, rock pool and island, lawn around the kiosk. They will not be able to use in any way the areas of the inn next door, such as the swimming pool with wooden deck, the bathrooms or the area between the apartments. It is also forbidden to stay in the reception area. The restaurant, when available, is open to the public, including breakfast, paid separately.

09- The accommodation of minors under sixteen years of age can only be carried out with the presence or express authorization of parents or guardians. See what is needed in this link, www.brasil.gov.br/sobre/turismo/documentacao/minores-de-age. Avoid losing your reservation and bring the necessary documents!

10- day use: As áreas internas e de lazer são de uso exclusivo de campistas. Cobramos taxa de utilização para acesso à área do Camping antes do horário de check in ou após o horário de chack out, day use a partir das 8:00 e até às 18:00. Por favor, consulte o valor na recepção. Evite constrangimentos pois não são aceitos convidados e visitantes na área do camping. A permanência ou chegada fora destes horários poderá ou não ser autorizada, porém deverá pagar o valor de mais uma diária da tabela Padrão do Camping.

11- O restaurante na pousada ao lado funciona diariamente das 8:30 às 10:30 para café da manhã apenas. Poderá não estar disponível em alguns períodos do ano. Consulte a recepção.

12- We are not responsible for objects or belongings left in common areas of the camping, inn or restaurant, as well as for valuables or money left in the tents. We have a safe at reception.

13- Vehicles may be parked in specific spaces and indicated by the team. Do not park on grassy areas. We are not responsible for objects or valuables left inside the vehicles in the parking lot. The parking area is restricted, there may not be spaces for all vehicles and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. It is forbidden to sleep in the vehicles or inside the parking area.

14- When booking the cabin, accommodation or tent with mattress at the campsite, the bed and bath linen KIT, as well as any other equipment and tools, is not included. We do not provide nets. It is mandatory to use bedding when booking the cabin, accommodation or tent with mattress at the campsite. Inquire about rent at reception or Click here

15- Objects forgotten at the Camping will be kept for a period of sixty days and may be sent by post, if requested, with an advance deposit of a fee and costs. After this period, they will be donated.

   The. The use of firearms, compressed air, slingshots, etc.;
   B. O uso de som automotivo, caixas de som, tocar instrumentos musicais, de percussão, batuque, cantoria e gritos em qualquer horário e local;
   ç. Light fires, barbecues, gas ovens and the like outside authorized or designated places. We do not reserve the barbecue;
   and. Damage plants, trees and graffiti on existing buildings;
   f. Wash clothes, dishes, pans, etc., outside the appropriate places;
   g. Crossing the boundaries of the camping area;
   H. Leave children unaccompanied by responsible adults in any area of the campsite, especially near swimming pools, bridges and rapids;
   i. Throwing garbage, debris or making inappropriate use of pools and rapids;
   j. Wash vehicles;
   k Enter sectors restricted to employees, such as the pool and sauna engine room, boiler, kitchen, reception, etc.; in the accommodations, if you are not staying there; and, in other campers' tents/areas;
   l. Change the camping facilities, including electrical and plumbing;
   m. Use lamps greater than 60 watts. Use led;
   no. Use kerosene lamps;
   The. Make ditches or holes of any kind in the Camping areas, including around the tents;
   P. Stay overnight in common areas outside your space, tent, cabin or camping accommodation, including leisure, reception, swimming pool and parking areas;
   q. Sleep more than 1 (one) person per bed in the Accommodation, including children;
   a. Carros, reboques ou motos deverão permanecer no estacionamento, quando disponível, ou na rua. Não serão aceitos na área das barracas;
   s. Uso de churrasqueiras elétricas, panelas elétricas e equipamentos similares em qualquer área do camping, inclusive na barraca e/ou cozinha. Não será permitido, na soma de todos os equipamentos, mais que 80 watts por barraca;
   t. Agressões, discriminações ou assédios de qualquer tipo a qualquer pessoa dentro do camping, sejam a campistas, hóspedes ou equipe/staff.

17- The camper is required to:
   The. Condition the garbage in plastic bags and deposit them in the dumps;
   B. Respect the privacy and property of campers and camping neighbors;

18- You will not be allowed to stay at the reception under any circumstances, especially before 8:00 am or after 10:00 pm. You can use it for short periods of time, during check-in, check-out, for specific questions and for scheduling tours.

19- Camping is not prepared for Motorhomes, ?Trailers? or similar that have a bathroom, sink and/or air conditioning. We do not have a specific water and sewer point. The electrical network does not support air conditioning. Please consult before coming.

20- In special periods, to suit the space used, the Camping may charge for the nominal capacity of the tent, regardless of the number of occupants. We ask for common sense in the size of the tent so that you are not charged. Bring tents that match the number of people booked.

21- Camping is not responsible for problems, losses or damages caused by rain, sun, winds, peaks or lack of electricity, among others, whether due to misuse, cases of force majeure or nature.

22- The use of coolers as well as the consumption of drinks and food brought from outside is only allowed in the Camping areas. Consumption will not be allowed in the area of Ilha da Aventura Eco Park, which includes the swimming pools. Snack bar available by the pool during the summer. No glass bottles and glasses in the pool area.

23- We reserve the right not to accept bookings with more than 25 days of stay in any 40 day period for the same person or group of people.

24- We reserve the right to close and interdict for maintenance or rent for exclusive events part or all of the recreation areas of Ilha da Aventura Eco Park, thus preventing their use by campers.

25- Some commemorative dates and specific events may have their own regulations, adapted for that purpose. Check with reception.

26- There is an exclusive area for car tents, like Camping Star and similar. Conventional tents cannot be set up in this area. motor-homes, “Trailers” or similar. 

27- The management reserves the right to modify the camping regulations at any time with prior notice during check in or even after, with 24 hours for adaptation.

28- The 10% service charge is not included in the booking price, it is optional and can be paid on arrival or departure. It is divided between the entire team that will assist you during your stay. Thank you in advance as many families depend on it. After your payment there will be no refund. 

29- Sobre este regulamento/contrato, sobre as Políticas de Reservas e de Cancelamento,  sobre as regras de Animais de Estimação e sobre os Protocolos de Segurança poderão ser cobradas taxas e/ou multas que variam entre R$ 65,00 e R$ 1.580,00 por dia cada, além da interrupção da hospedagem sem direto a reembolso, se: The) any of the rules are not complied with and/or there is insistence on non-compliance; B) found inside the property people or animals not listed in the registration form or without a proven prior reservation; ç) possible contagion to people or animals when good health status is not proven via a certificate; and, d) it is necessary to use private security guards to resolve an incident.
  29.1- Também serão cobrados, no valor e quando ocorrerem, gastos médicos e legais em casos de agressão, ataque e/ou transmissão de doenças, além de multas aplicadas ao camping e processos por danos morais movidos por terceiros contra o camping por atos causados por hóspedes, acompanhantes, convidados e animais de estimação. A polícia poderá ser acionada sempre que for necessário ou relatados incidentes.

30- The forum of the district of Ilhabela is elected to resolve any doubts arising from this contract and cancellation policy.

This regulation was made so that you have a peaceful and happy stay. You are our priority and we are here for you!

The Direction – Velinn Camping Ilhabela | Adventure Island Eco Park

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