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Are you staying at a Velinn hotel or guesthouse? Know all the details.

Please read carefully some Important Information and our Reservation, Payment and Cancellation Policy.

This document forms an integral part of the Regulation | Contract - ANNEX 1

Reservation, Payment and Cancellation Policies


How to pay for your reservation? We accept,
? Deposit, Transfer, TED or PIX.
? Cash and Debit Card at reception.
? Credit card: Visa, MasterCard, Elo, Diners Club and American Express.
Are you the Credit Card holder? You must present the original card used to make the reservation(s) at check-in. The front will be photographed or copied to file.
Not the cardholder used to make the reservation? You will need to present a Cardholder Authorization. Find out at Documents Required for Check-in below or access the authorization clicking here.
Note: We do not accept checks at reception.

Deadlines for payment
Reservation deposits or telephone contact for credit cards must be made within the following deadlines:
? If the check-in takes 4 days or more, the payment deadline is 24 hours after the reservation is made.
? If the entry (check-in) is in 3 days or less, the deadline is 2 hours after the reservation is made. The deposit must be via PIX, TED, in cash at the bank's physical box or via transfer between the same banks. Attention: In this case, deposits with envelopes or DOCs will not be accepted. The amount must be in the account immediately after the transaction.
Reservations will only be guaranteed upon payment of the down payment or credit card authorization within the above periods. The sending of the deposit slip, when made, as well as the authorization for charging by the card operator, are the only ways to identify your payment. If the voucher is not sent or the card is not approved by the requested date, the reservation may be canceled according to the Cancellation Policy below.

Payment method according to the cancellation policy
free cancellation (see cancellation deadline at the time of purchase or on the voucher)
? Standard and Flexible Rate: down payment of 25% or 50% at sight at booking and the rest at check-in without discounts or installments.
non-refundable (cancellation not allowed 7 days after purchase)
? ?Non-Refundable? or at a discount: cash payment of 100% on booking confirmation.
? Standard or Flexible Rate: Can be paid in 2 to 12 installments by credit card.
? ?Last Minute? Rate: Credit card at time of booking. In some cases PIX will be accepted. Check this option at the time of booking or on the voucher.
? Walk In (sales counter without reservation): Payment at check-in (arrival) or, in some cases, at check-out (departure) with credit card pre-authorisation.
? For reservations made far in advance: payment can be made in as many installments as possible up to 7 days before check in via deposit. Requests should only be made by phone or email.
? Vouchers without a specific date and package of Experiences: Payment can be made in cash at the time of booking or via credit card, in installments or in cash. See the rules in the promotion or voucher.
Heads up: Check-in or check-out times may vary, please be aware of this information in the specific rules of your reservation or promotion. Check your voucher. Reservations and Vouchers purchased from partner agencies and third parties cannot be canceled or changed at the hotel or by Velinn, only with whom the purchase was made and in accordance with their policies. Find out more in the Cancellation Policies below.

Service charge
In the hotels and inns of the chain, the service fee of 10% is not included in the reservation value, which will be charged at the hotel. It is standard in hotels, as well as in restaurants, it is optional and will be divided among the team that served them. It has always existed in international and national hotels, as in the films where the bellboy (messenger) stretches out his hand to receive the tip, but many years ago it became formal, paid at reception and highlighted on your statement!

Heads up: Reservation and Standard and Flexible payment method will only be considered when there is a signal of 25 or 50% in cash, at the time of booking, and the remainder at check-in or check-out. Please see Cancellation Policy below.


Documents needed to check-in
You must present:
? booking voucher issued and sent to your email by the agency or website where you booked. Will be copied or photographed by reception.
? Original identity documents of all guests to check-in (ID, CNH or Passport). Will be copied or photographed by reception.
Are you a minor or are you traveling with children under the age of 16? Presenting the minor's identity document at check-in is mandatory, as well as travel authorization, if necessary. If one of the parents is absent, it is necessary to present an accommodation authorization made in their own hand, signed by the absent parent and notarized at the time of check-in. If neither parent is present, authorization issued by a Judge must be presented at the request of the parents.
?Is it prohibited for children or adolescents to stay in a hotel, motel, pension or similar establishment, unless authorized or accompanied by their parents or guardians? ? See exceptions in Title III, Chapter II, Section II and III, Art. 82 and 83 of the Child and Adolescent Statute. Read here: Law 8069 of 07/13/1990.
? Original Credit Card or Billing AuthorizationThe original credit card used to make the reservation must be presented at check-in. If the card does not belong to a guest who will be present at check-in, when making the reservation, you must send a Authorization for Credit Card Collection on behalf of third parties signed by the cardholder with legible copies of the cardholder's credit card and ID. If the card is not presented or the authorization with documents is not sent in advance, the hotel will charge the reservation again at check-in and then request a refund of the previous payment. learn more hereWe reserve the right to request authorization to charge the credit card, even if it is the holder, when the values of the reservation(s) are high; or, multiple accommodations on the same card; or, of several cards in the same reservation.
Heads up: If the documents listed above are not presented at check-in, especially documents for minors, the hotel may cancel your reservation without the right to a refund and call the police to ensure the safety of children, staff and other guests. 

Entry of tourist vehicles in Ilhabela
The Municipality of Ilhabela requires the payment of a fee to issue an Entry Authorization for tourist vehicles in the municipality, such as buses, vans, minibuses, kombis, trailers and the like. For exemption from this fee, which varies between R$ 596.60 to R$ 1,559.88 (values as of December 2021), it is necessary to request a special password to the Reservation Center by email contato@velinn.com attaching the following documents:
  – Full booking voucher,
  – Driver's license,
  – Vehicle document, and
  – CNPJ card of the company that owns the vehicle, if applicable.
The request must be made with at least 5 days in advance of arrival. Other documents may be requested, in accordance with current legislation or city hall requirements.
The vehicle will only be able to travel on the day of arrival and on the day of departure, from and to the address of the hotel and the ferry dock, and parking on public roads far from the hotel is prohibited. We recommend that you ask for the Entry Authorization or Exemption Password and that you follow the rules of circulation in Ilhabela to avoid high fines. The exemption from this fee does not include the payment of the ferry for the crossing, learn more about the ferry crossing…

Extra beds and children
Extra bed: Each person, whether adult, child or infant, will be considered a "extra bed“. If they are not included in the reservation made in advance, they will be charged as adults, according to the table in force at the time of check-in.
Children: In units and accommodations where children are accepted, 1 (one) baby or child up to 6 years old on the check-out date will be accommodated at no additional cost, provided that it is specified in the reservation or previously notified to the hotel. It will be accommodated in existing beds in the accommodation. Cot will be complimentary subject to availability at check-in or when confirmed in writing.
– Extra beds not included in the reservation will only be available upon prior request and must be confirmed by the reservation center in writing.
– Extra beds not included in the down payment will be charged at check-in without discounts or promotions.
– Babies and children under 6 years old who do not have a prior reservation will pay an extra bed as an adult and will depend on the availability of accommodations that accommodate them. Accommodation upgrades or unit changes may be mandatory, as well as the costs of these changes.
– Single beds are for a maximum of 1 person and double beds for 2 people, including babies. We do not accept or place mattresses on the floor.
Some accommodations do not have an extra bed or crib. Book in advance for all companions and avoid losing your reservation or complications at check-in!

Our delicious breakfast is prepared with great care, served with fresh products and with total cleaning protocol in all hotels and inns.
It is normally served from 8:30 am to 10:30 am, however some units may vary these times, starting earlier or ending later. Find out more at your unit's reception!
Some units have breakfast service at the accommodation, which is usually charged separately.
Heads up: In some promotional rates and vouchers, breakfast may not be included in your rate, even if available at the unit. You can purchase it separately, directly at reception. Please see your voucher or booking confirmation.
note: At Velinn Camping Ilhabela breakfast is not included in the rate. It is served at the inn next door, when purchased separately. Know more…

Check-in*: from 14:00, or according to your reservation.
Departure (Check-out)*: until 12:00, or according to your reservation.
Breakfast: normally from 8:30 to 10:30.
Reservation center: Every day from 8:00 to 22:00. 24-hour online reservations, Click here. Chat for information, questions and quotes 24 hours, Click here.
Velin Club: from 10:00 to 19:00. Know more…
* We reserve the right to change times for operational reasons, on special dates, in promotions or on vouchers. Always check your voucher, booking confirmation or reception!

PETs – Want to travel with your pet?
We like animals, so they are welcome at most Velinn Network properties. Not all accommodations or properties can receive them. Must have prior reservation for pets and the pet rules be followed in full. Find out if the accommodation booked can receive them or the costs of hosting pets, clicking here. You can also consult us in the options of contact.

Many of our units and accommodations are on the flat or have ramps, including in common areas, which facilitates access for those with reduced mobility, but not all are equipped with all the necessary items. Velinn Pousada Recanto da Villa has partially prepared accommodation, including a wheelchair lift. We ask that you always consult us to find out if the property and accommodation you are interested in is prepared to receive them or to indicate the best options according to your specific need.

Velin Club
to be part of Velin Club just stay in this charming hammock that offers comfort and tranquility for your rest days in Ilhabela. It is a perks club and the day use from the Web! Know more…

Velinn Loyalty Program
The program Velin's Loyalty is available for reservations made through the website in some units of the Velinn chain for guests who register for the program. win cash back and bundle daily for a year for even more benefits. Know more… 


IT'S hotel responsibility guarantee the reservation in the chosen accommodation category on the specific dates booked according to the details described in the voucher, in addition tothe items and infrastructure included to ensure the best guest experience, observing the policy items described here.
IT'S guest right receive good service from the team, enjoy the hotel's infrastructure and services and receive accommodation in accordance with the properly sanitized contractor. You can also reflect for seven days after making the reservation and repent within this period without penalty, as long as it does not exceed 11:00 am on the day of check-in or in accordance with the policies described in the voucher and/or on this website.

IT'S guest responsibility guarantee the payment of the reservation and your presence nthe specific dates reserved according to the data described in the voucher, such as number of people, dates, names and ages, following the policies, rules and regulations described on this site.
IT'S hotel law charge in advance for the reservation and apply the policies, 
rules and regulations available on the voucher and on this website.
it's not responsibility of the hotel or guest right changing dates or canceling the reservation outside the established deadlines in the voucher or described here when requested by cases of withdrawal, illness, accidents, weather forecast, canceled events, arrival delays or any fortuitous event, when there is no control of the hotel and/or the guest over what happened or the situation. These cases, even when proven, will not be considered for cancellations or changes if outside the deadlines in the voucher policies, the website or the rules and regulations available here. The cases of Force Majeure do not exclusively fit here, which are the Prince's Fact, war and natural disaster, whenever proven and made official by the government. In case of lockdown/closure from the hotel business, read COVID-19 policy.

note: A hotel has its cancellation policies similar to schools and gyms where non-attendance (absence) on some date does not entitle you to discounts or refunds on the monthly fee. In the case of the hotel, it will not give credit or refund of the amount paid for the reservation if canceled after the deadline or if there is no show on one or all of the reserved dates. This is because, as in schools and gyms, the infrastructure, staff and their costs still exist with or without guests (students or users).
As with these service providers, the choice of payment method has a gain, and at the gym, for example, if you pay 3, 6 or 12 months in advance there are discounts, but if you give up or miss there is no refund. At the hotel, each rate has its rules with cancellation deadlines according to the amount and dates. If you don't show up, want to change or cancel after the deadlines described, the amounts paid are lost or, in some exceptional cases, high fines are applied.
We also compare hotels with airlines. 
If you travel by plane and ask all passengers how much they each paid for their ticket, which leaves the same place and arrives at the same place, you will see that the large minority or no one paid the same as you and, withIf you do not board the flight, there is no refund of the amounts paid as the plane traveled with its seat empty and had all the costs…
In addition, the
The values are highly fluctuating, depending on a series of indicators, such as dates most or least sought after, number of people, anticipation of purchase and various other items. This is because, to achieve the expected results, with each ticket/daily sold and with each day that passes the costs change and the next tickets/daily can become more expensive or cheaper.
The most perishable product in the world is time! Once the date has passed, there is no way to recover the lost time, the amounts spent and the necessary result d
that day to keep all the families that depend on the company.
A hotel, to be successful, needs a guarantee of occupancy at the right price. Receiving a reservation with the non-cancelable policy causes the value of future reservations to vary. By accepting the cancellation after the deadline, it usually generates other losses in addition to the loss of that daily rate.
When a guest makes an advance reservation, the hotel stops selling these daily rates to several other people who wanted to stay, which may not happen when there are a few days left for check-in, where sometimes it will have to reduce the rates a lot to try to sell, generating losses.
We think that nobody wants to have losses without reason, correct? Let's assume that both guest and hotel are acting in good faith. So let's pay attention to the policies and rules presented on the voucher and here. If everyone follows them, no one will be harmed without knowing the risks.
The dates, values and cancellation deadlines are very clear and if they are not followed, the hotel and the team participating in the results will be affected, which is not fair!

Heads up when making a reservation by choosing the rate Not refundable, which is the cheapest,  because it will not give you the right to cancel. Choose this rate only when your arrival is guaranteed or have someone to transfer the reservation to on the chosen dates.
Exceptions may or may not be made to the policies described in the voucher and/or website as long as there is payment of a fine of at least 50% of the reservation amount if notified at least 48 hours before check-in, but only for changing dates. There will never be a refund. Each request will be analyzed by the responsible sector, which can accept or deny according to the case, but there will always be a fine. We emphasize that the The amount paid by the guest is exclusive to the specific and originally booked dates, therefore the amounts paid are not valid for other dates, except when a letter of credit is issued. Rates fluctuate according to supply, demand, occupancy, anticipation of purchase and other conditions.


These are the cancellation and change policies for valid reservations according to the chosen channel and rates. During the pandemic, in the most restrictive phases, consider the COVID-19 policy below:

The specific policies of each travel agency, third party website, vacation club or partners will apply, for example Booking.com, Decolar, Hotels.com, Expedia, Hurb, CVC, Best Day, Agoda, Candeias, 123Miles, TripAdvisor, Trivago, among many other channels. Check your booking confirmation or voucher for valid policies and available ways to contact us, whether through the app, website or store where you made the reservation.
Changes, cancellations and requests must be made directly through the channel where the reservation was made or the voucher purchased.
Cancellations or date changes cannot be requested through the Velinn reservation center or directly at the hotel, who will always be available for questions and special requests. There may be differences between the policies of the hotel and the agency, so that of the channel through which the reservation was made will prevail.
Note: The hotel/Velinn's agreement with these agencies/sites does not allow the hotel or Velinn to cancel/change reservations, either for the guest's safety or to secure the reservation, even when payment has been made to the hotel.
In the absence of specific and own policies made available by the channel to the guest, the policies described on this page will be considered. Attention to rules and regulations of the hotel.

Reservations made through the direct channels of Velinn and the hotel, such as velinn.com and hbook.hsytem.com.br, by email, telephone, Reservation Center, chat and social networks, will follow the following policies:

Tarifas Especiais 2022 e 2023
– Rates Pattern and Flexible, with input of 25%, 50% or in installments:
 On non-holiday days, the cancellation or change of dates of the reservation can be done once without cost up to 7 days before check-in, as long as the same rate is used for the change or new reservation. After this period, reservations become Non-Refundable, as per policy NR below.
 Holiday bookings Cancellation or change of reservation dates can be done once free of charge up to 30 days before check-in, as long as the same rate is used for the change or new reservation. After this period, reservations become Non-Refundable, as per policy NR below.
– rate Not refundable, via card or cash deposit with special discounts:
 On non-holiday days, you can change the dates once free of charge up to 7 days before check-in, as long as the Flexible or Standard rate is used for the change or new reservation, but you cannot cancel according to the NR policy below.
 Holiday bookings You can change dates once free of charge up to 30 days before check-in, as long as the Flexible or Standard rate is used for the change or rebooking, however you cannot cancel according to NR policy below. 
Heads up: Are considered Holiday bookings federal, state and municipal holidays of origin and destination, and the 2 days before and 2 days after the holiday are included in this policy, even if it does not include the holiday itself.
In case of new quarantines, that is, hotel lockdown imposed by the government on the dates of your reservation, the COVID-19 policy will be adopted, on this page.

NR | Non-Refundable | Promotion Rate
In all of the following cases: Promotions | Non-Refundable Rates | Promotional, special or discounted values | Packages and vouchers purchased from partners and external sites | Collective purchase | Special, differentiated and installment payment methods | Agreements and Vacation Clubs | Letter of Credit | Exchanges | Rescheduling (date change) | ?Non-Refundable? | No Show | NR | Withdrawal of stay | After the deadlines described in the other policies? It will not be possible to cancel or change the reservation*. Fine of 100% of the reservation/stay amount.

No Show (no show)
If check-in does not take place on the initial date and time booked, reservations will be Non-Refundable, as per the policy above. After 6 hours of check-in time (entry), if there is no formal notice and this does not happen, the accommodation can be released for a new reservation.

withdrawal of stay
In the following cases: On arrival | After check-in (entry) | Early departure for any reason ? It will not entitle you to any type of refund, refund or credit on daily rates, resulting in the total loss of the amount paid and the obligation to pay 100% of the package value or reserved/requested daily rates.

Reservations within the cancellation period paid via bank deposit/transfer (PIX, TED) or debit card: After a formal request via e-mail, the deposit of the total or partial return will be made exclusively to the depositor's account within 7 working days.
Reservations within the cancellation period paid with credit cards: After a formal request via e-mail, the request for a total or partial chargeback will be made within 3 business days to the credit card operator. It will not be possible to make a refund in cash or via deposit in this case.
Send the refund request along with your voucher to reservations@velinn.com.
Note: We are responsible for canceling the purchase and requesting a refund / chargeback with the credit card company. However, the credit card issuing bank is the body that is responsible for making the entries on the invoice, as well as the way in which the credits will be made, and the term can be up to 60 (sixty days) or three invoices. Consult your bank.
Heads up: As of March 2020, during the pandemic, state of calamity and Lockdown governed by Law 14,046, the conditions and dates of refund will be in accordance with the COVID-19 policy.

Letter of Credit and/or Unused Amounts
These are the policies and rules for using your Letter of Credit or unused amounts that formally generated credit:
– Valid only in the unit where you made the original reservation.
– Use exclusively for daily allowances, never for consumption and excursions at the hotel.
– It can be used partially and by third parties in different reservations of at least 2 nights each.
– Comply with the deadline described or your credit will lose its validity without the right to refund.
– The tariff in force at the time of requesting the new reservation will be used. The credit cannot be used for Promotions and promotional values, including non-refundable rates for new bookings. It will be considered the same rate as the original reservation, except for the Non-Refundable. If the original booking rate no longer exists at the time of requesting a new booking or the original booking was made at the Non-Refundable Rate, the Standard Rate will always be used. See values here velinn.com/reserva.
– When requesting a new reservation, if there is a difference in amounts to be paid, payment must occur immediately after confirmation of pre-booking. Payment at check-in will not be accepted under any circumstances.
– The new reservation, once requested, cannot be changed or canceled again. No new letter of credit or refund will be issued, and the NR policy will be valid.
Attention: The reservation must be requested only by the holder with the registered email, even if for third parties. The email sent by the hotel with your Letter of Credit or confirmation of credit is the only proof of your credit. You must reply or forward it to reservations@velinn.com with the new booking request. In case of unused values andm previous or future bookings that have generated credit, even when there was no issuance of a letter of credit, but there was payment and a formal agreement (in writing) between both parties, such as: early departure, no-show, change of booking dates, among others; whether the assignment of credit given exceptionally and/or by mutual agreement, the policy described herein will apply, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Vouchers | Velinn Experiences
After seven days of purchasing the voucher with flexible dates, regardless of the payment date, it will not be possible to cancel the purchase. Fine of 100% of the voucher value. Transferring to another guest will be allowed.
Once the dates of reservations regarding the use of the voucher are confirmed, it will not be possible to cancel or change the reservation. Fine of 100% of the voucher value. Transferring to another guest will be allowed as long as the date and number of people are maintained.
After expiry of the voucher validity, considering the final date foreseen for reservations, if not used, it will not give the right to a refund, credits or new term. Fine of 100% of the voucher value.

When the accommodation booked is not available upon arrival of the guest at the hotel, either by system error, human or infrastructure issues, and provided that the reservation for the specific dates is confirmed:
1) The hotel will be responsible for relocating guests to another hotel in accommodation of the same or better category, bearing the cost of the tariff difference, if any, but will not directly refund amounts already paid.
2) When item 1 is not available from the hotel, it may offer accommodation or hotels of a lower category, when a discount or partial refund of the reservation amount will be offered, according to the current table.
3) If item 1 is not offered or item 2 is not accepted, the guest may request the cancellation of the reservation free of charge and penalty directly to the booking agency or to Velinn when booked directly. The term and method of refund will be in accordance with the Refund policy above. The hotel and/or Velinn will provide relocation support whenever requested by the guest.
Note: When the previous options, 1 and/or 2, are offered, it will not entitle you to any claim, whether judicial or extrajudicial.

Heads up: If the reservation has been canceled before the guest arrives for check-in, the hotel will not be responsible for the relocation, but will give full support to find other options, whenever requested by the guest.

Cancellation by the Hotel/Velinn
We reserve the right to refuse or cancel confirmed reservations and/or pre-bookings, whether due to system or human error, when:
1) Do not meet the minimum value requirements, below 50% of the standard hotel value without discounts or promotions, or below 10% of the promotional value for the dates, always considering the total number of guests, based on other similar hotels in the region or the network itself.
“Because this is the current understanding of the jurisprudence, it is possible to cancel reservations by means of, if possible, communication within 03 days, provided that similar rates to hotels of the same standard in the region are considered on public sites, where it will be proved that the value does not apply and that the published value is the result of a manifest mistake, and has no intention of deceiving the consumer, in that the published tariff is derisory and impracticable on those dates. When it is clear that there is no intention to harm the guest, caused by a system or human error, based on competitive prices, the principle of good faith in consumer relations should be considered, meaning that not only the supplier must act with good -faith, but also consumers (art. 4th, III, of the CDC). In the consumer protection system, good faith is a two-way street, requiring, therefore, probity from both subjects of the consumption relationship.“;
2) Overbooking (sales above capacity) or structural problems occur at the hotel, when it must be communicated to the guest up to 72 hours after the reservation is made or at least 3 days before check-in and, whenever requested by the guest, it will be given full support to find new hosting;
3) Exceed the number of people for the chosen accommodation capacity, including children and babies;
4) Informed of the arrival or that they bring animals in accommodations that do not accept them; or
5) Informed that any of the rules of the Internal Regulation | Contract.
Heads up, in case the need for cancellation is caused by the reasons of the items:
1 and 2 – reimbursement of the amount paid will be guaranteed, according to the terms described above;
3, 4 or 5 – either by the person who booked or by the guest, and if it is outside the cancellation deadline in the specific policies of the reservation, there will be no refund of amounts paid and/or fines may apply.

COVID-19 – Pandemic, quarantine and/or state of calamity (lockdown from the hotel industry)
Rescheduling and Letter of Credit: Given the state of calamity caused by COVID-19, during the quarantine periods imposed by the public authorities (lockdown), when and only if the hotel industry is prevented from operating, all reservations may be changed to future dates for the period determined in Law 14,046 of 2020 and its amendments. A new date or a Letter of Credit for the amount paid may be requested, when the rates in force on our website will be considered at the time of requesting the new reservation, remembering that rates are fluctuating and may change according to the chosen date. access velinn.com/pravc and change the date or request a letter of credit.
Cancellation: Çpursuant to Law 14,046, cso opt for total or partial cancellation of reservations for dates within quarantine periods (lockdown), where there is an impediment to the provision of the hosting service by the government, the refund will not be guaranteed. In the specific cases in the law described above, the refund of the amounts paid, discounting the agency fees, will be made in accordance with the provisions of this Law and its amendments, as long as the hotel cannot provide the service on other dates. An email must be sent with the voucher and the cancellation request for analysis to reservations@velinn.com
know more ON HERE, read the Law 14,046 of 2020 and MP 1,101 of 2022.
Heads up: For reservations made after March 2020, the cancellation policies on your voucher and/or described on this page will apply, as long as there is no impediment for the hotel to provide the service, when you can choose to change the reservation. The unavailability of other services is not an impediment to accommodation, unless there is a government order or access to destinations is prevented, such as ferry, roads and airports, remembering that there are several options for roads and airports for access. Consult us!

Except when the COVID-19 policy applies, all reservations can be canceled or rescheduled within seven days of making them, regardless of the policy described in your reservation: as long as you have not checked in within the period; or, until 11:00 on the day of check-in; or, that do not come from letters of credit and vouchers with open dates previously purchased. After this period, the Cancellation Policies described above come into force, according to the repentance law in the Consumer Protection Code.

Standard for Low and Mid Season (except 2020/21)
From April to November, except for NR and dates specified below: The cancellation / rescheduling of the reservation can be made up to 3 days in advance, after this date there will be a charge/fine of 50%; and, 24 hours before check-in, reservations become Non-Refundable, according to specific policy.

Standard for High Season and packages (except 2020/21)
From December to March, packages and holidays throughout the year, except NR and dates specified below: Reservation cancellation / rescheduling can be done up to 7 days in advance, after this date there will be a charge/fine of 50%; and 24 hours before check-in, reservations become Non-Refundable, according to specific policy.

Pattern for New Year's Eve, Carnival, Holidays, Parties and Festivals
Except NR, the cancellation / rescheduling of the reservation can be made: up to 30 days in advance, after this date there will be a charge/fine of 50%; and, with 7 days before check-in, reservations become Non-Refundable, according to specific policy.


When confirming your reservation, it will be considered your agreement to all the rules and policies described here, as well as to the Internal Regulation/Contract from the Velinn Network, according to Decree N. 7,381, of 12/2/10.

? Will you stay at the Camping? meet the Camping Regulations.

? The balance of your reservation must be paid at check-in or check-out, according to the policy of each unit. Consumption during the stay can be paid at check-out. In this case, a deposit amount, pre-authorization on the credit card or deposit check in the name of the guest may be required. Unfortunately, we do not accept checks to pay the bill, just as a guarantee.

? The booking confirmation issued by the agency where you booked will be your check-in voucher and will contain confirmation of values and number of people, including babies and children. The presentation and delivery of the voucher is mandatory at check-in, whether printed, digital by email or WhatsApp.

? The optional 10% service charge is not included in the booking price. It is standard in hotels, as well as in restaurants, and will be divided among the team that served them.

? Daily rates and packages can be changed without prior notice. Quotes are valid until 23:59 on the date of submission, but availability is not guaranteed.

? We reserve the right to refuse or cancel pre-bookings or confirmed reservations, whether due to system error or human error, which:
1) Do not meet the minimum value requirements, up to 10% below the table published on the website plus extra beds; or,
2) That exceed the number of people of the accommodation capacity.

? Rates are fluctuating and may vary according to date, day of the week, advance booking, occupancy of the unit, search for the destination and several other variables. Normally, but not as a rule, the amounts increase as the check-in date gets closer.

? The data provided on your credit card may be used, even after check-out, for the payment of expenses, consumption, tours, fines or damages generated during the stay.

? When the type of bed is not specified in the reservation, whether double or single, the change may take up to 24 hours and will depend on the availability of the property.

? We are constantly renovating and adapting for the comfort of our guests. You will never find the same Velinn units. Give us your tips!

Hotel, hotels, unit or property are generic terms used for the entire hotel sector and lodging facilities, mainly in hotel chains, which include: hotels, inns, hostels (hostel), Guest houses, temporary rental houses, villas, suites and campsites with accommodation. According to the Ministry of Tourism, they still include resorts, farm hotels, bed and breakfast, flats, apart-hotels, pensions and motels.

Some concepts and history: It is believed that the first means of lodging in history was a large inn built to receive visitors during the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece; The word "hotel" derives from the Latin ?HOSPES?, which means ?the one who is received?; The term comes from the French word hôtel, which means something like ?hostel?; The concept that persists to this day is that the Hotel is an establishment specializing in providing accommodation for business and leisure travelers. Accommodation or areas with infrastructure, with short-term stay, paid and with service(s) included.
The correct term for the time you will be staying in a hotel is ?stay?, not ?stay? as is normally used in Brazil. ?Stay? must be used exclusively on vessels, such as cruise ships or live on board. ? Velinn is culture!

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