Enjoy Sororoca Beach with Velinn Reserva Mangaratiba


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enjoy sororoca beach with velinn reserve mangaratiba

Enjoy Sororoca Beach with Velinn Reserva Mangaratiba

Sororoca Beach is one of the pleasant surprises that Angra dos Reis has in its paradise. She is very close to Velinn Reserva Mangaratiba. Come find out more about her. 

Sororoca Beach

Praia da Sororoca is the first beach in Angra dos Reis and is on the border with Mangaratiba. It is still unknown to many, as it is off the tour itinerary. But don't take away the value of this beach because of that, in fact, the fact that it is still unknown to many means that it remains preserved, with an indescribable setting. 

Access to Praia do Sororoca is not so simple, the best way is by boat, however, there is a trail that starts from BR 101, and the entire route is marked by many natural beauties.

Sororoca Beach in Angra dos Reis is protected by two walls; It has calm waters and a very calm climate to enjoy the day. 

There is no infrastructure on this beach, just a very rustic bar serving seafood and some drinks.

From the Velinn Reserva Mangaratiba to the start of the trail to Praia da Sororoca it is 3.3 km.

Velinn Reserva Mangaratiba

THE Velinn Reserva Mangaratiba It is an excellent option for your accommodation in the region between Mangaratiba and Angra dos Reis. 

It is located on Conceição de Jacareí Beach, where the best tours depart for the more than 300 islands in the region, including Ilha Grande.

It is at Velinn Reserva Mangaratiba that you will find great comfort, a delicious breakfast and impeccable service. 

Access the site to know more. 


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