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Velinn Network Privacy Policy

Carefully read the Privacy, Cookies and Data Protection Policies of guests and Internet users of the Velinn Network and its accommodation facilities before providing your information. Personal information, according to law 13709/2018.

This document forms an integral part of the Regulation | Contract - ANNEX 5

Privacy, Cookies, Data Protection and Terms of Use Policies

When browsing the site or booking it will mean that I read and I agree with the policies described below.
By accepting these terms and conditions, you are expressly accepting the privacy policies of Velinn's guests and their accommodation facilities, as well as:
    The) Internal regulation | Hotels Agreement; Camping Regulations and Policies
    B) Reservation and Cancellation Policies (ANNEX 1);
    ç) Pet Rules | pets (ANNEX 2);
    d) Club Velinn Rules and Restrictions (ANNEX 3); and,
    and) Security Protocols in relation to COVID-19 (ANNEX 4);

The terms and conditions of the Privacy Policies for guests of the Velinn network and their accommodation facilities apply to:
  The) All data processing implemented by the Velinn network.
  B) The entire website, landing page, booking engine and even the network's social networks and their hosting facilities.

  1. In compliance with law 13709/2018 on the protection and processing of personal data, we inform the user of its web pages that the data provided through it through the corresponding forms or emails received and which take into account personal data are provided absolutely voluntarily and without its absence implying a loss of the quality of the services provided, unless otherwise indicated. 

  Personal data:
  As a guest, you will be asked at various times to provide personal information about yourself and your companions, such as:

     Contact information such as name, telephone numbers, email addresses, zip code, vehicle, among others;
     Personal details such as date of birth, nationality, ID, CPF, Passport, pet documents and others;
     Information about companions and children such as full name, date of birth, CPF, email and others;
     Credit card information, only in transactional systems and guarantees.
     Membership card numbers, loyalty program numbers and others;

     Arrival and departure dates at the hotel, destination and other destinations you have previously visited;
     Preferences and interests such as cultural, culinary, sporting, type of accommodation, favorite location, type of bed, among many others;
     Questions, comments or requests for reviews that may arise during or after your stay.

Furthermore, depending on the applicable law, data other than those mentioned above may also be considered confidential data, be it credit card number, leisure habits, hobbies and personal activities, cultural habits, indication of smoker or non-smoker, among others.

  It may be necessary to collect this sensitive data to fulfill your request or offer you specific services, such as a specific diet or resources for people with physical disabilities. In that case, if required by applicable law, we will ask you to give your express consent for us to collect and process this confidential information.

  2. This data will be incorporated into an automated database under the responsibility of the Velinn network, its hosting facilities and its technology partners in accordance with what is established by law. 

  Personal information may be collected under certain circumstances, including, without limitation, the following: 

  The) Hospitality-related activities, such as:
     Reservation of accommodation;
     Check-in and Check-out;
     Consumption during the stay, which can be calculated through rate control;
     Complaints, requests and/or discussions.

  B) Participation in commercial programs:
     Registration with the loyalty program;
     Contribution to guest reviews and/or comments (e.g.: ?Guest satisfaction rating?, ?Contact us?, ?Guest comments?);
     Registration or subscription to newsletters to receive communications, offers or promotions by email.

  ç) Provision of information by third parties who are service providers:
     Tour agents, travel agencies, GDS reservation systems, PMS, Channel Managers, Marketing agencies, among others.

  d) Internet Activities:
     Connection to websites (IP address, session cookies);
     Completing online collection forms such as online reservations, questionnaires, etc.

  3. The user consents and considers himself informed of the processing and use of his data through automatic systems in order to be able to respond to his request for information, manage the dissemination of audiovisual and graphic material sent and, if applicable, the existing contractual relationship, as well as to keep you informed about products, services and programming calendars, as well as all our activities.
We strive to provide the best quality of services possible, so we will use your personal information for the following purposes:

  The) Manage your reservations:
     Book the requested accommodation;
     Establish and maintain business records and meet financial requirements;
     Carry out internal administrative processes, including managing a list of undesirable guests, what happens in case of non-payment of the fare, inappropriate behavior, etc.

  B) Manage your stay:
     Control consumption of telephone, bar, Internet, pay TV and many others;
     Access accommodations.

  ç) Improve hospitality, including:
     Process your personal information in the customer relationship management program;
     Get to know your needs and requests better;
     Personalize products and services to better suit your preferences.

  d) Send newsletters, promotional and commercial materials or contact you about tourism, hospitality and services, network promotions, accommodation facilities or those of our partners. You can choose to unsubscribe from our newsletters via email, clicking on a link in our messages or by contacting us through the available channels.

  and) Improve our services, including: 
     Conduct research and analyze guest questionnaires, comments and usual activities;
     Manage guest complaints; 
     Allow you to take advantage of our loyalty program.

  f) Improve and make the use of our websites safer, including:
     Improve website navigation;
     Implement security and fraud prevention measures.

  g) Comply with local regulations such as retention of business, accounting and other documents.

  4. Users guarantee and respond, in any case, to the veracity, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the Personal Data provided, and undertake to keep them duly updated.

  Also, in the event that you provide us with personal data belonging to third parties, you must be duly authorized and must expressly inform the holders of said data about the rights and/or obligations contained herein, recognizing the veracity, accuracy, validity, updating and authenticity of said data.

  5. The user considers himself equally informed about the possibility of exercising the rights that current law grants him, that is, the right to information, access, rectification, deletion and opposition of his data, which will be given in formal communications, such as by email.

  6. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under 18, except the name, date of birth, CPF, email, telephone number and nationality provided directly by an adult on the child's behalf or with the adult's permission.

  Make sure your children do not give us personal information without your consent, such as online. If you believe that your child has submitted personal information to us, please contact us so that we can delete it.

  7. We ensure that we adopt the necessary and legally required security measures within the facilities, systems and files in order to also guarantee the security of the files where personal data is incorporated, preventing their loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft.

  8. Without prejudice to the foregoing, the user is aware of the possibility that the security of electronic communications are vulnerable.

  9. However, we will disclose personal data and any other information in our possession or accessible through the systems to the competent public authorities, when required in accordance with applicable legal provisions.

  10. The user expressly consents that their data may be transferred for the purposes referred to in the paragraphs above or to other companies with which we conclude collaboration agreements and/or to their and system providers.

  11. You have the right to access, change or delete your Personal Information. You may also refuse the processing of your personal information in accordance with guest privacy policies if you have justifiable reasons. However, please note that if you do so, in certain circumstances we may be unable to provide the service you have requested.

  If the user does not wish for this treatment to be carried out, they may communicate their wishes to our physical address or by email. ([email protected]), but its receipt must always be confirmed. As long as this is not communicated, we will understand that consent has been granted.

  12. These privacy policies for guests of the Velinn network and its accommodation facilities may be periodically updated. Therefore, we ask that you read the privacy policies regularly whenever you make reservations, make check in and do Check-out.

  13. If you have any questions about the privacy policies described here or how we process your personal information in general, please contact us, as indicated in section 11 mentioned.

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