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Internal Regulation | Velinn contract

Please read carefully the Regulation/Contract for Hotels and Inns below.

     | To read the Regulation | Camping Agreement, Click here.

This regulation was made so that you have a peaceful and happy stay. You are our priority and we are here for you!

Regulations for Hotels and Inns

1. By booking it will mean that I read it and I totally agree with:
    The) at Reservation and Cancellation Policies (ANNEX 1);
    B) at Pet Rules | pets (ANNEX 2);
    ç) at Club Velinn Rules and Restrictions (ANNEX 3); 
    d) you Security Protocols in relation to COVID-19 (ANNEX 4); and,
    and) at Privacy Policies (ANNEX 5); and,
    f) this regulation/contract, as follows:

2. Daily rates normally start at 2:00 pm on the check-in date and expire at 12:00 pm on the check-out date, or as described on your voucher:
  2.1. If you do not show up for check-in within 8 hours after the standard time without formal communication, in writing and confirmed by the hotel, the accommodation may become available for rebooking and will not be entitled to a refund, according to the current cancellation policy. If there is no advance payment for the reservation confirmed by the hotel, this period will be 1 hour (reservations last minute).
  2.2. At check-out, if the accommodation is not vacated by the standard time without formal communication, in writing and confirmed by the hotel, an additional daily rate without discounts will be charged. We reserve the right to remove belongings, clean and release the accommodation after check-out time if there is another guest waiting to enter the accommodation, in which case, a minimum half-day release fee will be charged. If it is not possible to release the accommodation and it is necessary to relocate another guest due to non-compliance with the check-out time, the amount of the difference between the accommodation of this guest in another hotel must be paid by the guest who did not release the accommodation, in addition to payment of ( s) extra day(s) at the hotel, according to the current table.
Note: Maximum tolerance of 15 minutes. The service charge not included in the booking is optional and, once paid, there will be no refund.

3. The Velinn chain has units with 24-hour reception; units with reception during restricted hours; and, units with digital check-in, without reception. Check your hotel's check-in or reception type on your voucher.
  3.1. For units with 24-hour reception, we will be waiting for you to check in, check in and out at any time. Whenever you go out and need cleaning in the accommodation, leave your key at reception and inform the receptionist;
  3.2. for receiving units with restricted hours, please advise the time of your arrival to speed up check-in and so you don't have to wait at the entrance, however there will be a contact phone available at the door. During check-in you will be given keys or passwords for entry and exit at any time during your stay;
  3.3. For units without reception, with digital check-in, we will contact you on the day of check-in to give you more details about your arrival, with tips and passwords to access your keys. Normally these units do not have daily cleaning included.
Note: Keep your keys well so there are no charges for loss.

4. It is mandatory to present at the reception to check in, that is, to check in at the hotel:
? Voucher (or booking confirmation) printed or digital, delivered or sent to reception;
? Original identity documents with photo of all guests, guardians, companions and guests, whether babies, children or adults. They can be: RG and CPF or CNH; Birth certificate for babies; or, Passport for foreigners. Copy or photos of the original documents will be made by the reception;
? The original credit card in the name of the present guest used to make the reservation or Authorization for Collection on a Third Party Credit Card. See the clause below for more details on this requirement;
? Accommodation Authorization for children under 16 years old if one of the parents is absent, made in their own hand, signed by the absent parent and notarized. If neither parent is present, authorization issued by a Judge must be presented, at the request of the parents, on behalf of a guest present.
?Is it prohibited for children or adolescents to stay in hotels, motels, pensions, inns or similar establishments, unless authorized or accompanied by their parents or guardians?
See exceptions in Title III, Chapter II, Section II and III, Art. 82 and 83 of the Child and Adolescent Statute, Law 8069 of 07/13/1990.
Heads up: Avoid being prevented from entering the hotel and losing your reservation without a refund and bring all documents, please. 
Important: In some properties babies, children or pets are not accepted. Read about this restriction on your Voucher or check with your hotel in advance. If you will be traveling with pets, see more details on here.

5. Daily cleaning is done between 10:00 and 14:00. It is mandatory when included, except during the pandemic when it must be requested in advance. If not requested by 1:00 pm, the hotel may not do so. If you will be traveling with pets, and they are accepted at your hotel, see more details about cleaning accommodation with animals on here.

6. Breakfast is served daily at the times according to your voucher, normally between 8:30 and 10:30, in the breakfast room. It is not allowed to leave the hall with any items or food. Breakfast served at the accommodation must be requested in advance, it will depend on availability and will be charged separately. Consult your hotel.

7. Some hotels have bar service, snacks and/or products in the minibar. In no hotel is allowed the consumption of drinks and food brought by the guest outside the accommodations, even if they do not sell the products. In other words, its consumption in common areas, including the pool, lobby and gardens is prohibited. External food delivery services may be accepted, when we will have delivery options at reception, but consumption can be exclusively at the accommodation. Check in advance if corkage and/or fees are available for consumption outside the accommodation. Please check if bar service and snacks are available on your voucher.

8. At the reception of some hotels beach, sauna and pool towels are available. Even if this service is not available at your hotel, you will not be able to use the bath towels outside the accommodation. These are exclusive for bathing inside. The lack of towels at the time of cleaning will result in the charge of towels or fees, even if returned later.

9. It is forbidden to cook, as well as to use pans, sandwiches, oven, stove, barbecue or any equipment, electric, gas or charcoal, either inside the accommodations or in external and common areas, except when made available by the property. Candles, irons and electrical equipment are not allowed without prior authorization. The use of any equipment without written authorization will result in a fine, in addition to the charge for necessary electrical repairs and maintenance. The electrical network of the accommodations does not support anything other than the use of cell phone chargers, laptops and the equipment already available inside. Check with your hotel about charges for charging electric cars in the parking lot, where available.

10. Help us preserve the environment and avoid fines:
  10.1. When you go out, turn off the lights and turn off fans, TVs and air conditioners. Don't forget to check the taps too.
  10.2. Bath towels and bed linen are not changed daily for ecological reasons and by municipal law. If you want to exchange them, please put them in the basket or on the floor, otherwise they will be changed when necessary or at most every three days, as recommended in our house.
  10.3. If the energy card is separated from the keys, when available, or if the air conditioning, whirlpool, lights, TV or fan is left on without the guest, even with pets, an environmental fine will be charged according to Municipal Law 547/2007-TPA, in addition to daily waste fee to the hotel. See values in clause below.

11. In order not to be disturbed, and not to be disturbed, we ask that:
Do not drive off paths, streets and do not park outside designated spaces or on grass. Maximum speed of 10 km/h inside the hotel;
? Respect the destination and hotel's law of silence throughout the day, especially from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am;
? Use sound equipment with ambient sound (low) only inside the accommodations. Loud sound, either music or voice inside the accommodation is prohibited;
? Listening to music in common areas with headphones only. It is completely forbidden car sound inside the hotel, as well as the sound of cell phones or small speakers, including in the pool, gardens and barbecue area at any time.
Note: In the city, including on the streets, loud music is prohibited at any time and date, according to Municipal Law 228/2003.

12. Guests are aware of the reimbursement of any furniture, decorative pieces, equipment, bed linen and towels that are missing, stained or damaged for any reason, including pets. Bring diapers or special covers for beds and sofas if needed. Beware of Henna Tattoos, They Stain!

13. For your convenience and safety, as well as that of the hotel, it is prohibited to:
? Leave children alone in any area of the units, especially in the pools;
? Jumping off the edges or furniture in the pools;
? Bring glasses and glass bottles in the pools. We have our own glasses at the bar;
? Enter sectors restricted to employees, such as pool and sauna engine rooms, boilers, kitchen, reception, laundry, employee restrooms, etc.;
? Entering empty accommodations, left open for ventilation, or other uninvited guests;
? Use of the pool table by persons under 18 years of age;
? The use of the pool by babies without special diapers;
? The use of the barbecue, pizza oven and infrastructure of yours and other hotels without following the rules and restrictions described in Velin Club

14. Smoking is prohibited in the apartments and covered common areas. Cleaning fees will be charged and fines passed on to the property. In some units, smoking is prohibited in any area, even when open. Please check your voucher and consult reception.

15. The hotel is not responsible for objects left in the apartments. Please keep doors and windows closed and locked when leaving. Valuables such as jewelry, computers, cell phones, glasses, watches, cash, cards, checks and others, which are not left in the reception safes, must be described on the check-in form. We will not accept claims if they are not listed as part of the baggage. Please check before your check-out that you have taken all your belongings.

16. Accessibility: Many of the Velinn Network properties and their accommodations are on the ground floor or have ramps, which facilitate access for those with reduced mobility and wheelchair users, but not all are equipped with the necessary accessibility items. We have options prepared for this, but you should always consult us and request accessible accommodations in advance.

17. Photos, Descriptions and Improvements:
? All photos on our websites and graphic material are for illustrative purposes only. The photos in them were taken in the areas of the properties or in the destination, however in several different dates and times.
? There may be differences from descriptions and photos after renovations and improvements.
? We are not responsible for photos and descriptions on third-party websites and graphic materials.
? We reserve the right to change all areas and apartments of the units without prior notice. We are constantly improving and renovating that may occur at any time and date, which may cause noise at certain times and the unavailability of some services or areas of the units. Our focus is the guest and we will do everything in our power to please you!

18. Guest or third party credit card:
If the reservation, or part of it, is paid in advance with a credit card over the internet or remotely, without the physical presence of the cardholder at the reception, and has been charged by the hotel, in its CNPJ, it will be mandatory to present the credit card original in the name of a guest present at check-in or the advance e-mail of the Authorization for Collection on a Third Party Credit Card by the credit card holder and all documents requested therein.
  18.1. If the guest fails to present the original credit card in their name or the authorization and their documents are not received within the period described therein, the hotel: 18.1.1 It will charge the total amount of the reservation at check-in and, after the payment is approved, it will cancel/refund the charge previously made, which will be considered a mere guarantee; or, 18.1.2 Hosting without the right to refund the amount paid as a guarantee may be prevented.
Note: Copy or front photo of the card can be made by reception. There will be public and private consultations, when the hotel may or may not accept the authorization. Access the authorization here: velinn.com/autorizacaocartao

19. About this regulation/contract, about the Reservation and Cancellation Policies (ANNEX 1), about the pet rules (ANNEX 2) and on the Security Protocols in relation to COVID-19 (ANNEX 4) the guest may be charged fines, fees and/or extra beds ranging between R$ 65.00 and R$ 1,580.00 per day each, in addition to the interruption of the accommodation without reimbursement, if: The) any of the rules are not complied with and/or there is insistence on non-compliance; B) found inside the property people or animals not listed in the registration form or without a proven prior reservation; ç) possible contagion to people or animals when good health status is not proven via a certificate; and, d) it is necessary to use private security guards to resolve an incident.
  19.1. Medical and legal expenses will also be charged, in the amount and when they occur, in cases of aggression, attack and/or transmission of diseases, in addition to fines applied to the hotel and lawsuits for moral and/or other damages brought by third parties against the hotel, whether for acts caused by guests, companions, guests and/or pets under their responsibility.

20. The forum of the district of Ilhabela is elected to resolve any doubts arising from this contract, regulation, reservation policy and cancellation policies.

This regulation was made so that you have a peaceful and happy stay. You are our priority and we are here for you!

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