Learn about the statues of Copacabana


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Learn about the statues of Copacabana

Just mention Copacabana that everyone already remembers the statue of Carlos Drummond de Andrade, and it's no wonder, the concrete statue is so famous that it has become a postcard of the neighborhood and tourist spot for all who visit the region. But it's not just the statue of the poet that beautifies and attracts tourists to the boardwalk, other famous people also gained their statues along the boardwalk of one of the most famous beaches in Brazil. Curious? So let's find out more about the Copacabana statues.

The statues of Copacabana

The statue of Carlos Drummond de Andrade is undoubtedly the most famous in Copacabana. The poet from Minas Gerais, sitting on a bench on Avenida Atlântica, very close to Posto 6, invites everyone who passes by for a chat and, of course, for a photo.

Dorival Caymmi was a singer of the seas, and of course he deserved to win his statue on Avenida Atlântica, close to Forte de Copacabana. The statue of the excellent Bahian artist holds a case with his guitar companion.

The renowned writer Clarice Lispector is also one of the artists honored by the Copacabana statues. Sitting with her puppy Ulisses, she waits for you at the entrance of Mureta do Leme, on the Ted Boy Marino Fisherman's Way. It is worth mentioning that she lived close by.

We can still contemplate the statue of Siqueira Campos, a Brazilian politician who participated in the Levante dos 18 do Forte, with the motivation of showing dissatisfaction with the café au lait policy. Siqueira Campos was shot in front of the old Rua Barroso, which, years after the fact, had its name changed to Rua Siqueira Campos. Deserved to be part of the team Copacabana statues.

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