The most famous beaches in Ilhabela


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The most famous beaches in Ilhabela velinn

The most famous beaches in Ilhabela

Do you know what are the most famous beaches in Ilhabela? Follow us in this post and discover the most visited beaches on one of the most beautiful islands in Brazil.

1- Jabaquara Beach

Praia do Jabaquara is one of the best beaches in Ilhabela, in fact, we can say that it is one of the best in Brazil. This beach is wild, surrounded by green mountains, with blue sea.

Praia do Jabaquara is among the favorites of those looking for a more natural setting, but do not give up a good infrastructure by the sea. It pleases tourists, even though it is one of the favorite haunts of mosquitoes, such as the famous Borrachudos. So go forewarned. 

The sand strip of Praia do Jabaquara is 500 meters long, on the beach there are restaurants, which also offer an infrastructure of chairs, bathroom and fresh water shower. 

2 – Castelhanos Beach 

THE Castelhanos beach presents us with a cove that has a beautiful heart shape. In good weather, it is possible to see the blue nuances that form the sea. Praia de Castelhanos is one of the favorite walks for those who want to get away from the more urban beaches of Ilhabela.

With rough seas and 1.5 km long, the beach is surrounded by large slopes covered in green. She is the darling of the most adventurous and surfers.

At Praia de Castelhanos there are restaurants, restrooms and an excellent infrastructure. From Praia de Castelhanos it is possible to take trails that lead to Praia Mansa, Praia Vermelha and Praia da Figueira, in addition to Cachoeira do Gato.

3 – Bonete Beach

With difficult access, Praia do Bonete is among the most famous beaches in Ilhabela. Getting to this preserved part of Ilhabela, considered a true paradise, depends on good weather, calm seas, as well as an hour on a flexboat ride or 12 km of trail through the Ilhabela State Park.

From the beach, visit the viewpoint that offers a beautiful view of Bonete and a small waterfall that is good for swimming. If the sea conditions allow, take the opportunity to visit other more isolated beaches, it is worth taking a boat from Praia do Bonete to go to Praia de Enchovas and Praia de Indaiaúba. 

4 – Praia do Julião, one of the most famous beaches in Ilhabela

Praia do Julião is the ideal option for those who enjoy activities in the midst of nature, restaurants, a beautiful sea and a charming sunset. Praia do Julião is a destination that appeals to everyone and is perfect for families with children. 

Praia do Julião offers excellent infrastructure with restaurants and kiosks, as well as services for renting chairs, umbrellas and equipment such as kayaks and SUP boards. 

5 – Praia da Feiticeira

Praia da Feiticeira is one of the most famous beaches in Ilhabela. With 250 meters of coarse sand, the beach of Tombo has an old colonial-style mansion in its left corner, this building was the former headquarters of Fazenda São Mathias and its sugar cane mill. Praia da Feiticeira is sought after by those who like to enjoy the peace. 

Access is via a cul-de-sac, passing through an artificial waterfall that flows into the beach. The calm sea with clear water is perfect for float divers, who can see ornamental fish and sea turtles.

Praia da Feiticeira gets its name because, according to legend, a former owner of the São Mathias farm made a fortune with smuggling pirates and slave ship commanders who, after the year 1850, with the prohibition of the African slave trade, used the Island for the entry of illegal slaves into Brazil. One day, already quite old and afraid of being plundered, she went into the forest and buried a treasure with the help of her slaves. To prevent them from telling her secret, she killed them all and came back from the woods alone. Called a witch by local fishermen, she went crazy and disappeared, leaving behind the mystery of her buried treasure. So, do you believe this story?

These are some of the most famous beaches in Ilhabela, and to learn more about the region, access our blog.

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Come, we are waiting for you here. 


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