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What do you need to know?

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ferry crossing

Access to Ilhabela is via the pedestrian and car ferry, leaving from São Sebastião, SP. The average crossing time is 20 minutes…

For more information, details, tips, timetables and rates, click here!

tours and tours

If you intend to go on some boat trips, to waterfalls, through the forest or by 4×4 jeep, bring sneakers and a light jacket… even in summer they are recommended for trips.
If you go swimming, a mask and snorkel can come in handy.

Click here and learn all about tours and activities that we have prepared for you!!!

What to bring to Ilhabela

Important items such as sunscreen, repellent, swimming trunks or bikini, swimming diapers for babies, floats and the duckling should not be forgotten! ?


If you are staying in inns and hotels, we care about bed and bath linen, but don't forget personal items such as toothbrushes and hairbrushes, toothpaste, a light jacket for outings, going out to the beach, changing clothes, etc. We offer soap, but not all hotels offer shampoo and conditioner. Bring yours too.


Tech items like a good camera, batteries, cell phone and laptop chargers are also important. 


In Ilhabela there are pharmacies, banks, markets and many shops. The vast majority accept debit and credit cards, but be sure to bring some cash for emergencies.

Also don't forget your medicine and your emergency kit, with antipyretic and antiallergic. You never know!


The most important thing is to bring joy and good mood… leave the rest to us!


If you're staying at the campsite, check out our great tips on what to bring, Click here.


Indispensable item on any beach, including Ilhabela. Even when the weather is cloudy or raining, the incidence of UV rays is high.

Don't forget to bring yours with an adequate sun protection factor (SPF), especially for children. If you need it, we have them available for sale at the reception. Always apply sunscreen first and then repellent!

T-shirts with UV protection proved to be very interesting, especially for children who do not like to apply sunscreen throughout the day. Try it!

gnats and mosquitoes

Borrachudos breed only in running and totally clean water, which demonstrates the preservation of our island.

Some hotels and inns are far from the waterfalls and Atlantic forest while others are very close. As you will not be staying in hotels all the time, we recommend the uso de repelente. If you prefer, we have some options for sale at receptions.

Segundo nossa experiência o repelente mais eficiente na Ilhabela chama-se Exposis e pode ser encontrado em farmácias e na internet. Os repelentes à base de óleo de citronela são tão eficiêntes quanto e podem ser comprados na recepção ou em lojas próximas ao seu hotel.

There are indications that vitamin B12 is a strong ally to prevent blackflies and the recommendation is that you start taking it at least 20 days before the trip, but you should consult your doctor.

The captain of the Velinn network says he has proof that the discomfort that the black flies bring us is psychological, not real! And you, what do you think?
Ask your Velinn team to call the Captain to prove this thesis?

Late Check-out and Early Check-in

Would you like to arrive earlier or leave later than normal?

A entrada na sua Velinn poderá ser a partir das 10:30 e a saída até as 18:00 sem custo adicional*.

Do you know how?
In the morning, when you arrive, if the apartment is not yet available, you can check-in and enjoy our infrastructure, regardless of the apartments, including changing, storing your luggage and going out to enjoy Ilhabela, or the other units. from the Web.
On the day of departure, the apartment must be available by 12:00. You can check out in the morning and head out to enjoy the island, or Club Velinn. On your return, make use of our swimming pools, bar or take a shower before traveling in our own locker room.

* If you want to enter the apartment early (early check in) or leave later (late check out), there may be costs**.
We recommend that you place the order at the time of booking, with additional cost. Or, take the risk and consult the reception as soon as you arrive and on the day you leave? maybe we can help you, no additional cost!
It will depend on availability at the time of request. The rate is half a daily rate and the service is normally unavailable in high season.

**  For Camping there will always be an additional cost if you arrive earlier or leave later!

How to get to Ilhabela?

Click here and find out the best routes from various destinations to reach Ilhabela and its Velinn… then, just enjoy the best of this paradise with us!

Hosting on the Velinn network

read the Regulation of Velinn hotels and inns or the camping and come prepared to make the most of your rest days.

If you go camping, see our tips.

The best accommodation options on the coast and in the mountains!

Come spend your vacation in the destination of your dreams with Rede Velinn.

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