Visit Mombasa Beach in Angra dos Reis


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visite a praia da mombaca em angra dos reis

Visit Mombasa Beach in Angra dos Reis

Angra dos Reis is a charming destination, and you already know that. There are several beaches and islands to discover and boat trips are essential to make the most of the region. 

But it is important that you know that the mainland also has amazing beaches, and they can be a great option for you to enjoy if you are not a big fan of the high seas. We have already mentioned in our blog the Café Beach, and now our tip is for you to visit the Mombasa Beach in Angra dos Reis

Mombasa Beach in Angra dos Reis

THE Mombasa Beach in Angra dos Reis it is quiet and of medium length. It is considered a great option for all audiences. 

It is a delightful beach to take a walk at dusk contemplating the sunset. The sea that fills this beach is calm, with transparent waters and with a pleasant temperature, great for bathing. 

In addition to walking and bathing in the sea, in Mombasa Beach in Angra dos Reis visitors can enjoy water sports such as jet skiing. 

It is important to point out that there is practically no tourist infrastructure, so the ideal is to take snacks and drinks, not forgetting, only, to take the trash away afterwards. 

It is possible to go to Praia da Mombasa by car, and the distance from Velinn Reserva Costa Verde to the beach is 4.4 km.

Velinn Costa Verde Reserve

Velinn Reserva Costa Verde is an excellent lodging option in Angra dos Reis. With an incredible view of the sea filled with boats and speedboats, you will have the opportunity to relax with this cinematic view of the pool installed in our leisure area. 

We guarantee our guests intimate, comfortable environments, a delicious breakfast and the opportunity to bring their pets, as we are Pet Friendly. 

Access our site to know and organize your trip now, you will be very welcome here.


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