What you need to know before traveling to Ilhabela


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What you need to know before traveling to Ilhabela 1

What you need to know before traveling to Ilhabela

Beautiful island It is an incredible destination, there are several beaches, trails, waterfalls and lots of natural beauty to discover. But it's important that you know a few things before visiting, so you won't be taken by surprise and you can guarantee a pleasant and unforgettable experience in the region. Are you interested in the subject? So read on, let's go into detail What you need to know before traveling to Ilhabela.

How to get to Ilhabela

access to Beautiful island It is done by ferry for pedestrians and cars, it leaves from São Sebastião and the average crossing time is 20 minutes. The ferry operates 24 hours a day. From 6am to 00:30am it leaves every 30 minutes, round trip. From 1 am to 5:30 am, it leaves every 1 hour, round trip.

To check rates and waiting times, visit the Waterway Department.

Blackflies and mosquitoes in Ilhabela

Did you know that black flies only breed in running, completely clean water? So know that if there are a lot of black flies here it is because our island is very preserved. 

Some hotels and inns in the Velinn Network They are further away from the waterfalls and the Atlantic Forest, while others are closer and this will influence the number of mosquitoes you will have to face. Don't forget to bring a good repellent, and if you prefer, we have some options for sale at the receptions.

The most efficient repellent in Beautiful island It's called Exposis and can be easily found in pharmacies, on the internet and normally in our receptions. Citronella oil-based repellents are also usually effective.

These are the most popular questions for those who have never been to Ilhabela, topics related to tours and beaches are shared in our blog, and you can explore it calmly, acquiring more information about our region. 

Accommodation in Ilhabela

For your lodging in Ilhabela As you already know, count on the comfort and excellent service of hotels and inns in the Velinn Network. We have options in several Ilhabela beaches and you can check more details about the locations and what is offered in each of them by accessing on here.

Be sure to check out our site. We have several tips for you to make the most of your trip to Ilhabela.


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