Visit Laje Waterfall in Ilhabela


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Visit Laje Waterfall in Ilhabela

Visit Laje Waterfall in Ilhabela

THE Laje Waterfall is by far one of the most beautiful and interesting places to spend the day in Beautiful island. It is located inside Fazenda da Laje and can be visited by those who go on foot to Praia do Bonete, but it is really interesting to spend the day and visit the rest of the farm, which has many attractions.

Slab Farm

For the option to take advantage of Slab Farm, there is a small fee to enter the property, but it's worth it, as it guarantees an infrastructure with bathrooms and even a little shop with juices, water and isotonic drinks to hydrate yourself after the trail. Believe me, this will be very valid.

Laje Waterfall

upon arriving at Laje Waterfall you'll cross a small wooden bridge that leads to the other side. After that, just go down the trail a little further and you will see the entrance.

At the waterfall you have to be very careful, the stone floor is slippery and it's easy to slip. The waterfall offers a lot of fun with a wonderful natural toboggan run, where it is possible to slide sitting and lying down, and finish with a bath in a huge and refreshing pool of fresh water.

How to get to Laje Waterfall

It is on the south side of Ilhabela and you will have to follow this side until you reach the end of the asphalt. Follow the dirt road to the end of it, where you will have a gate and parking. There is already the beginning of Fazenda da Laje.  

You will have to continue on foot through the trail until you see the sign Slab Farm, then you must follow the trail until you find the first waterfall that crosses and divides the path of the trail. 

About an hour's walk after the Ponta da Sepituba parking lot, along the same trail that leads to Praia do Bonete, you will arrive at Laje Waterfall. It is worth mentioning that in the same direction is the Dogfish Hole, an incredible stone wall that is just after Ponta da Sepituba. 

to get to Laje Waterfall you will pass an amazing suspension bridge, perfect place to take pictures. Crossing the bridge, the waterfall and lots of fun await you.    

The trail's difficulty is medium, it is very open and can be self-guided, it has a length of 5.1 km (round trip) with steep climbs that require a little effort.

Accommodation in Ilhabela

Accommodation in Ilhabela has the right place, it is with the Velinn Chain of Hotels and Inns. There are several options spread across the island and we are sure that one of them will be perfect for you. 

Access the site and see the details of each one. We are waiting for you for days with lots of fun, beach, adventure and, of course, contact with nature.     


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